When it comes to dealing with everyday business routines web developers offer a wide variety of tools for any business field. Modern management programs can not only help you organize your day and track tasks and activities, they can also help you significantly cut down on the expenses. So, without further ado, here are three business management systems that might change the way you run your business.

1. ActiveCollab helps your team by managing their tasks and using its time saving features.
The system allows project managers to set deadlines for the employees, add new tasks and assignees and get e-mail notifications with the updates on the project process. It supports e-mail integration, so if you want to comment on the task or discussion you don’t have to log in ActiveCollab, you can reply right via your e-mail. With this system you can keep your clients well informed on the project by providing them access to the system. This software is quite flexible and gives users a lot of freedom on what features to use. Overall, the software is quite convenient, because everything– time tracking and file sharing, notifications and invoicing – is in one place.
2. Comindware workflow software.
This collaborative solution is web-based and provides a wide variety of extremely helpful business features. It has an integrate task management tool that enables generating tasks automatically and assigning them as tracked items progress from one step to another. Tracking tasks with Comindware is also incredibly easy because it provides real-time visibility that allows controlling the process on every single stage, so you can step in and change something at any time. Such flexibility is what makes this software so appealing for those project managers who have to deal with unstable projects or demanding clients on a daily basis. Another benefit of this software is that it’s user-friendly and customizable, which means you will be able to use it for every single one of your departments. It has an impressive number of pre-designed workflow solutions for following areas of your business: IT help desk, finance and administration, compliance and policy, marketing, software development and others. HR managers will definitely appreciate human resources software that provides standardized templates for all the common hr procedures and allows communicating with employees within one system.
3. Basecamp is a system that uses communication between team members for achieving the best performance.
What do you usually do when you need to assign tasks to a group of people? Probably, you send an e-mail to each of them and often communicate separately with every single member of you team. In Basecamp another approach is used: instead of sending e-mails, users post directly to Basecamp and engage in the discussions, which helps saving time and eliminating confusing e-mail threads. File sharing in this program supports all the popular formats of files, from Word and Excel documents to video files and images.
We’ve only discussed three out of the huge number of project management systems out there, but even with these ones you can see how having such software in your disposal can benefit your business in the long run. It can not only save and arrange your time more efficiently, it can help you save money and increase your business profits, which, in the end of the day, is one of the main goals of any business.
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Hi, my name’s Jannet Sparts. I write for several blogs, sharing my experience and observations. For the momentary workflow, management software is my primary field of interest.