Receiving organic traffic via the search engines is a wonderful thing – especially given that it’s free.
However, problems can arise if you rely solely on search engine traffic. Your website may rank well today, but what happens if you wake up tomorrow and your site’s rankings have suddenly dropped? What if you suddenly can’t seem to get new visitors? Will you be able to communicate with most of the people who’d previously visited your online business?

Stay Connected
You would be very wise to diversify your traffic sources for your website and, more importantly, find a way to keep in touch with the visitors that you have attracted in the first place. One way to do that is by offering a free product, such as a report or an exclusive E-newsletter to anyone who visits your site in exchange for his or her E-mail address. Be mindful, though, that a freebie that has little value will only encourage people to unsubscribe.
Cater to Needs
Also take the time to think about what your target audience might need and offer them something that helps meet that need. For example, people looking for advice on the best way to apply for a job would benefit from a professional cover-letter template for their next job application. Or perhaps you can offer a valuable exclusive by way of a report like, “The Top 10 Things You Must Know Before You Attend a Job Interview.”
Make It Practical
Offering your subscribers something practical that they can immediately use is more likely to result in them being keen to hear from you again. That doesn’t mean you should start an aggressive E-mail marketing campaign full of repeated sales pitches. And don’t stop at “wowing” people: do it at the outset, but continue to offer exceptional value over the longer-term as well.
Giving away something for free also presents the opportunity to promote things you sell; simply adding a list of recommended resources to your free product can generate sales. The more tightly related your paid items are to your free offer, the better chance you’ll have of them selling.
Offer Genuine Value
Remember: acquiring customers is not easy, so be sure to value every last one whose patronage you manage to gain. A loyal subscriber base can become one of your most valuable business assets; if the search engines disappear, you can at least tap into your existing customer base directly to promote your business.
There is an enormous amount of competition for people’s attention these days. The business that actually connects with and offers genuine value to their customers will most certainly stand out above the rest.
About the author: Based on years of strategic business management and leadership experience, Michelle Adams brings real world expertise to the virtual online business platform. Michelle is co-founder of which aims to help people find quality information about how to make money online.