If you have a brand, you should have a logo. Simple as that. And if you have a logo, put it in places where other people can see it: in your website, on your branding collaterals, on your business card.

If you don’t have a logo, ask someone to design one for you. Don’t use Microsoft Word clip art or MS Paint. Hire a freelance graphic designer. Or a creative design agency. Or that talented nephew of yours who’s studying art in the university. Or an online service provider?

You read that right: an online service provider, and from an already trusted brand like HP, too. Logoworks is a design provider for small businesses. It was established in 2001, acquired by HP in 2007, and has since been known for delivering custom branding material and original, downloadable logos in all major file formats for businesses spanning a range of industries.

The idea behind Logoworks is a simple one, really. If you’re not satisfied with the one or two designers whom you’ve assigned to design a logo that will reflect your brand’s identity, then just go online, fill out a creative brief or form that will indicate your requirements, and have multiple designers work on your project. According to Logoworks, they have over forty experienced in-house designers, plus many more working for Logoworks’ customers on a freelance basis. That should ensure that you’ll get to pick from a wide variety of proposed logos.

Of course, as with anything that involves graphic design, it’s going to be tough to review Logoworks based on how aesthetically pleasing their logos look like. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? (You can check out their gallery here.) What is noteworthy about their product offering, though, is the turnaround time: you can get a bunch of initial proposals or studies for logos in as fast as three days. If you want to have the designers make some revisions, then these can be handled in a matter of two business days (per revision).

There also seems to be more than adequate support offered throughout the design process. You can contact Logoworks via phone, E-mail, live chat, or an online “Project Central” system – useful in such cases when you want to provide additional feedback, or a quick note on your color preferences or something.

The design packages at Logoworks start at $299, and there’s also an agency startup package that will have you enjoying the luxury of five Logoworks designers, unlimited revisions, two custom stationery design concepts, two business card design concepts, a basic three-page website, and the ability to hold phone consultations with the designer.

While these packages aren’t exactly cheap, they’re still more cost-effective than paying an ad agency or a dedicated graphic design company tens of thousands of dollars to do the same amount of work (in what will probably be a longer period of time).

That’s why, if you think you have a flexible enough budget, we recommend that you check out the Logoworks catalog. It’s certainly worlds apart from MS Paint.