Lakeshore Branding was recently featured on independent news site, with a couple of articles on social media for businesses, entrepreneurs, Internet marketers, and startups. is a news website with an Internet marketing edge. It’s owned by Mick Meaney, who’s been working on and writing about all things technology since 1998.
The first article is “What to Expect from Your Social Media Consultant”, with tips and key insights on what exactly that newly hired employee at the social media department in your office should be doing. Does the job entail tweeting and blogging 24/7? Does the consultant have to double your number of followers or quadruple your number of fans? Or should you be expecting more? Find out more by visiting the social media section of RINF.
The second is “7 Twitter Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid”. Well, we all have heard great stories and testimonials from top brands on how Twitter’s so cool – and how amazing it is for business. We’ve all read articles and blog posts on what one should do with Twitter, and in what ways this powerful microblogging tool should be leveraged for bottom line results.
But what about the things that you shouldn’t do with Twitter? If, as a small business owner or online marketer, you’ve asked this question yourself, then be sure to pop over to RINF for a quick guide to avoiding the mistakes businesses and brands commonly make on Twitter.
And feel free to share your own thoughts and insights on both topics by leaving a comment below!