Internet marketing is generally broken into three areas- Research, Implementation and Tracking.

Research includes using tools such as wordtracker, SEO Book or Google Adwords Keyword Tool. There are dozens of keyword tools to choose from but we like these because they are very easy to use and they supply the information that help us make good keyword decisions.

These tools help you analyze what you believe the keyword list to be and modify it to maximize the potential website traffic. Simple things like making keywords plural has have significant increases in traffic or variations in phrases such as “online marketing” vs “Internet marketing.” While you may think that both phrases sound the same, you may think that maybe one or the other has a higher search volume- but you may be surprised to learn that “Internet marketing” has about 2.5 times the search volume of “online marketing.” Based on your objectives you would target the word that converts better for your business, for example online marketing searchers may consist of a different demographic that would convert/purchase at a better rate than the phase Internet marketing.

Below is a image layout of keyword research and the process that we use here at Lakeshore Branding. It is complex and requires times to prepare proper evaluations and I think these images do a great job illustrating the process.

Keyword research for Internet Marketing in 8 Steps
These great images are courtesy of Search Engine Land.