Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Traditional radio, TV, and print advertising simply no longer deliver the bang they once did. Why? Because we’re meeting our news, entertainment, and business needs from the Internet – now more than ever. And because online media has laid out new ways of reaching out to other people.

Don’t limit yourself to 30-seconders on the local radio station or to barely readable print ads. Get the most out of your advertising or marketing budget by maximizing the Web. Online is where you find the people who need and want your products and services.

Note the emphasis on people: not just “click-throughs”, “conversions”, “likes”, “retweets” and other faceless variables that you would typically find in an Internet marketing report, but people. This understanding is what separates Lakeshore Branding from the rest. Sure, our ultimate goal is to drive sales to you and grow your business – but we do so with the people who visit your site in mind.

Social Media Consulting


Social media describes the online technologies and practices that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other. It is certainly changing the way people and companies market themselves online. Be it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Foursquare, or some other social media site, Lakeshore Branding can help you craft and execute a strategy for an increasingly social Web. Take a leading part in this revolution today.

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Online Advertising

Want to see immediate results from the search engines? Try pay-per-click (PPC) Internet marketing. Paid online advertising has become one of the most effective ways to get fast results in Internet marketing. Our team of AdWords Certified Professionals uses the careful planning and execution necessary to manage ad budgets and attract highly qualified buyers at the lowest costs.

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Web Marketing Analytics

Because we know user behavior drives the results on your website, we spend a lot of time analyzing what people do when they get to your site. Where did they come from? Which pages did they visit? How long did they stay there? What path did they take through your website? All of these factors are critical to maximizing your Internet marketing efforts. With Lakeshore Branding Internet marketing analytics, you can track user behavior and actions on your site, blog and E-mail marketing campaigns.

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E-mail Marketing Services

Think E-mail is old-fashioned? Think again. A great E-mail campaign – managed with out-of-the-box creativity and in-the-know expertise – can do wonders for your business. But it takes the same careful planning as a web site does. While it may seem tempting to just slap an E-mail together and send it, that’s probably not the best choice. Lakeshore Branding can provide you with easy-to-use technology, great reporting, and flexible consulting services to launch, manage, and improve your E-mail marketing program.

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Online Lead Generation

Need leads? Looking to build a database from scratch? Let Lakeshore Branding help. Our online lead generation solutions cover everything from organic SEO and paid search results to custom online marketing and research strategies that attract the right audiences and connect you to your customers.

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