Emails are one of the best forms of internet marketing which can help you in getting new visitors to your blog. However, this marketing option has always been an ignored idea by many marketers for traffic generation. In fact, emails help you in getting a more precise kind of traffic, which may require loads of efforts with other options. The reason why emails are more effective because the first thing anyone today does is to check their email inbox. People get alerts over their phone devices the moment they get any new email over their inbox. People are still serious in checking their emails  despite having other forms of communication options. Ironically, despite having loads of potential attached to emails, marketers and bloggers still tend to overlook this option. In order to reap the benefits from this internet marketing option, it is important to understand how emails help in generating traffic for your blog. Let’s explore this.

The email newsletter
Every blog has the feature of subscribing for email newsletter, which is mailed on a daily or weekly basis to the number of subscribers/readers or followers coming at the blogs. These help the readers to get updates about different blog posts published in a week along with other announcements and offers appearing over the blog. In other words, email newsletter is the best way to connect with your followers or readers. It helps you to contact all your readers and assures you a fact that people receiving the email newsletter will never forget your blog. Now, how it works? When you email the newsletter to your readers or followers, it helps in telling them about the new posts; it informs them about the updates happening at your blog also it entices the old visitors who have stopped coming over your blog for any reason.
Emails have links that drive traffic
The main idea is to draw traffic to your blog, which is really very simple to understand. This works out as your emails have several links inside it for different landing or product pages for your blog or site. Without having these links, your users may not be able to reach out at your desired places over your blog. When you send emails to your subscribers and readers of your blog, these links remains the key attractions over your blog by keeping them in a different format, which can easily draw the users to click these links. By putting the strong call of actions and the authoritative words like, click here, messages play an important role in driving people towards your blog. The several Takeaway Messages also are considered as one of the best practices carrying different links, which ensures the fact that these links remain obvious to the readers and draws people to the blog.
Emails- the best interface between bloggers and readers
Once people start coming to your blog after realizing that you have quality content over it, they make sure to put a comment over different blog posts, which they really like or find worthy. These blog comments play an important role in building up a connection between a blogger and a reader. This bridge between the two (blogger and reader) is build up using the emails. Once you get comments (both positive and negative), the bloggers reply them, which eventually when reaches to the reader who has commented plays a vital role in bringing back the reader.
This also builds up the discussion momentum and boost up to see a more user generated content over the blog. And with a competent kind of software solution, sending out emails to people who comment over your blog becomes easy every time whenever a new comment appears over the blog posts. In this way, with effective email communication, it becomes a two way street, which helps in updating your subscriber list along with strengthening a bond between your as a blogger and readers responding you in different ways. In other words, emails play the best role in maximizing traffic over your blog.
Email helps in measuring and revising
The email metrics will help you in understanding, which blog posts are being shared via emails. The blog stats will help you in knowing which blog posts are among the popular ones. In this way, through both the channels you get enough data you could understand how your blog is performing and what changes you need to make your email campaigns more effective to bring more traffic to your blog.
Final word
There are several marketers who may call emails as a spammy affair, however, if you know how to leverage this option to its best then getting a good traffic over your blog via emails becomes very much practical. All you need to do is know the best ways to use emails for generating traffic for your blog.