When you’re running a business, it can seem like nothing is more important than the success of the company. And this is true, but success can’t just be measured in dollar signs. Overall success means that the company is functioning well, down to its very last employee. Without this kind of success, it can be difficult to achieve any other kind. Surely you are familiar with techniques and processes that have to do with achieving financial success, but what about having a successful office culture that includes successful employees? Taking a look at making the work environment more engaging for employees is one surefire way that you can continue to enjoy success at your organization.

Are Employees Engaging?

It might come as a surprise that recent polls indicate that only 29% of employees feel that they are fully engaged at their workplace. Completely disengaged employees clocked in at 26%, and the rest of them related that they are somewhere between engaged and disengaged, meaning that they only put as much work as they have to in order to get the job done. And that’s just done, not done well. Responders also revealed that they feel their relationships with bosses and immediate superiors were the cause of their disengagement. Not-so-great interactions with higher-ups were to blame for such a large amount of workers feeling like they just didn’t care enough about their work. The good news here though is that this can all be improved.

Not Set in Stone

When it comes to management styles, which often influence how engaged employees are, it’s important to remember that they can be changed. If a certain style just isn’t working for a majority of employees, it’s okay, and even preferred, to change things up to be able to connect with employees on a more effective level. Management style has nothing to do with a manager’s personality; it comes from a choice and can be changed by a choice. The way to figure out discrepancies and what employees are not responding to presents another opportunity to help foster employee engagement. The site peopleinsight.co.uk also offers different methods for employee engagement and satisfaction.

When You Listen, they Will Engage

When employees are encouraged to give feedback, they will likely be much more engaged with what’s going on. Besides, how else will you be able to figure out whether or not your management style is working well for them? Allowing the proper forum for employees to voice opinions and ideas is a great way for them to feel more appreciated.
When they feel valued, they are much more likely to take an active role in how the organization performs. Be sure to let them know that you actually use their feedback as well; if they see you acting like you’re taking their thoughts into account but then you don’t follow up by implementing their ideas, they may start to feel disappointed and become even less engaged.
Focus on creating a different office culture once you’ve obtained suggestions about what everyone would like. A hostile environment is no place to practice your different management skills. When there is a feeling of mutual respect, adequate recognition, and trust between every employee, everyone will begin to enjoy work and take it more seriously.
When your employees are feeling engaged and valued, they will be much more productive. A dynamic, industrious workforce is the basis of any successful business or organization. Just try it: opening the channels of communication and giving praise can help almost anyone feel better about the work he or she is doing. Taking these suggestions to heart can lead you down the pathway to increasing numbers of work place accomplishments. You will be happy, your employees will be happy, and your business will be thriving as everyone starts showing up to work ready to contribute.