You have heard about the importance that social media can have on your business marketing strategies. There is no doubt they are important, with Facebook and Twitter both getting hundreds of millions of users that you can have direct contact with. Twitter and Facebook are extremely important for your social media marketing campaign but there is a new social media app that web design companies are looking at that is on the rise.

Most of you have heard of Pinterest but the question is, can you use it to market your business successfully? Several web design firms are coming up with ways to help their clients use Pinterest to successfully market their business. I am going to go over some of the marketing benefits of using Pinterest.

  1. Time – Like with all social media websites, you need to learn the ropes in order for them to work and Pinterest is no different. Whether you do it yourself or you have an employee handle it or maybe even hire a web design firm, you must spend the time updating your account. Nobody wants to follow a page that is never updated.
  2. Sales – Don’t let your salesman side get the best of you. It’s easy as a business owner to fall into that habit where you want to sell your company, products and services but you must refrain. People will come to your website and you will get sales but you must give people a reason to follow you and Pinterest is no different. It’s an all too common sight where we see businesses post nothing but sales ads which do nothing but annoy people. That is what your website and PPC campaigns are for. 
  3. Keep it Simple –Don’t overdo your Pinterest board. Try keeping it simple. Nobody wants to see a cluttered board so keep it clean and professional.
  4. Business is a Pinterest Match? – Pinterest doesn’t cater to all types of businesses so you want to make sure that Pinterest caters to your business prior to creating a page for your business. Pinterest caters more towards recipes, room decor and do-it-yourself crafts.
  5. Connect Pinterest with your Website – Just like with other social media websites, you will want to connect your Pinterest page with your website. Your website will be the place where you sell visitors your goods or services. I know this sound like a no brainer but you would be surprised how many businesses do not do this.
  6. Raise Awareness – One way to raise awareness about your Pinterest page is to begin following the big hitters on Pinterest.

Using Social Media marketing can be very time consuming but it is definitely worth your time. I realize that running a small business can be time consuming in its self but don’t fall into the trap that so many small businesses fall into and that is because they don’t have the time they just ignore things that can really push their business over the top. Whether it takes hiring somebody to do it or hiring a web design team to manage your social media websites they are extremely important.
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