Through a stream of stylish, beautiful images, Pinterest has shown to be particularly successful for niche retailers and E-commerce sites. With a large audience predominantly comprised of females, categories such as beauty, home design, arts and crafts have gained a strong foothold in this quickly growing social site.
While the marketing benefits of Pinterest are alluring, how do you market without over-exposing your brand? Don’t make the mistake of being too obvious, as it may alienate your audience. Instead, the following are several tips that can help you use Pinterest to market your business, without making too much of a scene:

Where Does Your Business Fit In?

Before hastily posting pictures onto your account, you may want to consider how Pinterest can fit into your marketing strategy. While retail and niche businesses on Etsy easily fit with Pinterest, service-based businesses can also use the social giant in creative ways.
For example, if your business focuses on swimming pool services, then using pictures of well-crafted pools, evoking thoughts of summer and relaxation, can do wonders for your brand. On the other hand, a blog on career advice can utilize images of inspirational advice to their advantage. Ultimately, the key is to characterize your business into images that appeal to the viewer and promote them to share. If you can find a way to utilize Pinterest, it’s highly recommended that you consider it into your social media marketing strategy.

Focus on the Niche, not the Product

As with any marketing strategy, your target audience will quickly be turned off if you hype up your product. Given Pinterest’s image-based platform, your approach should focus more on the inspiration and ideals behind your business. Keep in mind that Pinterest users focus heavily on certain categories, such as beauty, nature, food, fashion, and so on. Therefore, if you can populate your boards with Pins that convey a certain lifestyle, then you’re more likely to connect with your audience.

Use Other Pins, Not Just Your Own

Each Pin has a source link, letting users know of the original source of each image. Businesses can benefit by placing their own images on their boards, with the hopes that the visitor will be drawn back to their website, gaining in referral traffic. However, the key is to not fill boards with your own images, as it will give off the feel that your efforts are simply a marketing tactic.
Instead, make sure that you include Pins from a variety other users and sites. Not only will this give your account a more filled-out appearance, it will give you the chance to connect with other Pinterest users.

Integrate the Community

Pinterest is centered around sharing images, letting users share Pins from board to board. Using this collaborative element, there are a number of creative ways in which you can market your business. One example is to host a contest on your own page, asking followers to contribute Pins which best suits the board’s theme. Another way is to host a board scavenger hunt, using clues embedded in each Pin to lead to a site or prize. Including your followers and audience are a great way to spread the reach of your business, and increase the effectiveness of your social marketing endeavors.
About the author: Abby Evans is an avid blogger who writes on everything from Canadian jobs and the job search Ontario. She has written on a variety of blogs and websites, and loves to learn all she can on the job hunt.