When you run a business that serves customers online as well as in the real world, in a physical location, business owners can struggle to find where and how they should be marketing and how they can combine their efforts. It is important that emphasis is put into both sides of the business as the balance shouldn’t ever be tipped too unevenly. If you have a small store, for example, and mainly focus on online sales then there are exceptions where the online website can help to push the profitability of the store.

With the digital world expanding every single day, the power of the Internet is unrivalled compared to older techniques. Executing a proper marketing mix that combines both online and offline methods can make the difference between one side failing and the other doing well.
So, what can you do to make both your online and offline brand seem appealing? We’re going to look at some basic but crucial tips that shouldn’t be ignored.
Make The Most Of The Web
If you run a website, you should always be thinking about how to get people to come back to your site. Offering great content is the main way that you can do this, after all it’s essentially free materials for people who are interested. By setting up a blog, you can consistently add content on exciting and compelling topics. If they are relevant to the products that you sell you not only bump up your site in terms of SEO (search engine optimization), but you are putting bait out there to attract new and previous customers to come back. This is an opportunity to showcase your products, without being pushy.

You should make sure that both you and your business team are approachable and visible to customers. Many people trust companies that seem like they have a personal connection with their customers. By using Social Media channels to talk and interact as well as posting regular updates on your site about individual employees, people will be more inclined to choose you and your company as they will see you as a reliable choice to serve their demand.
If you have an office where people are welcome to visit the simple things can make the biggest difference. Make sure you keep the place neat and tidy, employ a cleaning service if you don’t have the time. Decoration, personal touches and great customer service will make all the difference and can subconsciously make someone decide whether or not they like your business as soon as they walk in. Remember that first impressions count.

Customer Satisfaction
Whether through your website or in store behaviour customer service is undoubtedly your lifeline and you should rely on it. By constantly making sure you and your staff go above and beyond what people expect in terms of the service they receive, they will be more likely to want to recommend you as well as return again. Loyalty is an invaluable thing, and can take a business from barely scraping by to having a constant supply of repeat business.
About the Author
Katie Belliveau loves blogging and helping businesses make the most of their sales. In her spare time, as well as writing, she loves taking her dog on long walks.