Bing is the search engine by Microsoft, a company that, after having been outperformed by Google, is once again keen on boosting revenues and retaining users via search engine marketing. With Bing, Microsoft has so far succeeded, thanks largely to their mass Internet marketing and continued usage of their Internet Explorer web browser (whose default search engine is Bing).

This is why your blog should be optimized for Bing, too – and not just Google. Otherwise, you might lose potential readers and leave potential profit on the table. If you’re a smart blogger, Internet marketing, SEO specialist, or social media professional, you’ll find ways to reach Bing users, too. Here are a few useful steps to help you do that.
On-page / on-site optimization: Your first step is to work on optimizing your website and the pages within it. Here’s an on-page optimization checklist you can use:

  • No Broken Links
  • Correct Redirects
  • H1 Tags For Headlines
  • URL Friendly Pages

Most content management systems like WordPress handle this, but if you haven’t changed the way your URLs look, do so immediately. The friendlier they are, the more likely you are to rank for the keywords you are targeting.
Off-page optimization: Once you have your on-page optimization task completed, you should begin your off-page optimization. In simple terms, you have to create a strategy for backlinks and keywords. Keyword research is something you should already be doing; if not, get to it. Backlinks are very simple depending on what type of link building strategy you have. If you have a normal, natural-looking link building strategy then good for you. (Otherwise, it might take you years to rank for anything.)
Take out the time to purchase some backlinks or start doing them yourself. You are competing against millions of other blogs, websites, and social media sites. A few backlinks will no longer cut it. You are going to need hundreds. The only way to achieve this is purchasing or automating. Automating is probably one of the best routes to take, but if you have more money than time, then perhaps you should just hire an SEO company with link building service.
Content is king: Content is your final step. “Content is king” is phrase that seems to get thrown around a bit in our industry. And for good reason: the more unique your content is, the better you will rank. I have seen plenty of sites that just re-write articles, or simply copy and paste. Let me tell you something: duplicate content is rather obvious and will only get you penalized for it, if not banned. Unique content will ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors and keep yourself protected from any random search engine updates.
A blog takes time to mature. So give your optimization work sometime to display results.
About the author: Kevin Pritchard is a contributor to Click Discounts, a site where you can get some useful Comet Discount Codes to help you make some savings when purchasing electrical items.