In today’s ultra-systematized world, it’s tough to have a one-on-one personal experience, with a real person. In the digital age, computers have replaced everything from telephone operators, receptionists and almost every representative between you and the company you most often do business with. However, there is nothing like calling a help or information line and actually getting a real person’s voice. It’s even better when that person’s sole objective is to help you at the best of their ability in a calm, respectful manner. More and more businesses today are realizing that in order to stand out in the super competitive market place of some of the most major industries, you must have exemplary customer service. This message is carrying down from big businesses to medium and small businesses everywhere. Excellent customer service will increase customers and build brand loyalty.

Somewhere between the eve of the 20th and 21st century, analysts gave the incredibly misleading information to companies that they can save millions of dollars if they fully automated their call centers. The backlash from consumers was enormous, because robots just don’t have the same humanistic qualities as real people. Yes, you can save your company millions of dollars by not having to hire operators, but what about the millions lost from people losing their patience and hanging up the phone. The smartest thing to do, is not get rid of automation completely, but offer customers quicker, faster access to a real person by the simple click of a button or voice command.
For medium and smaller businesses, building brand loyalty with excellent customer service is all about training your employees. No matter what line of business you are in – whether it is business-to-business or business to consumer – your employees will make some sort of contact with your customers. You can find quotes by business luminaries the world over that will tell you, “The customer is always right,” but is he or she always right? The answer is yes, the more you try and fight with your customers over disputes, the chances are that they won’t do business with you anymore. You must bend over backward for your customers, because they are your lifeblood. Offer them deals and packages if they are unsatisfied, or try to come up with the best solutions to solve their needs. Establishing your business as a company that will do anything for their customers will quickly spread by word of mouth, possibly garnering you many more customers.

Having great customer service is a great way to build brand loyalty. Your customers are the only thing your business has to keep it afloat, so do anything you can to make them happy. Yes, the customer is always right, so prove to them that your company stands by that philosophy. And the real key is to keep these standards of exemplary customer service. Offer your customers a rating card so that you can serve your customers and their requirements better. In the long run, your customers will thank you by sticking with your brand for the long haul.