How personal should I get on my blog? How often should I take breaks from blogging? When should I start a second blog? These are some examples of the burning questions bloggers have and in this article, we’ll answer them all.
How personal should I get on my blog?
At the risk of sounding repetitive, how personal you get on your blog is your own decision to make. It completely depends on why the blog exists in the first place and who is running it. If it is a personal blog, then you will have more leeway – anyone who drops by a personal blog anticipates writing that is candid and potentially emotional. Business blogs, on the other hand, should have a professional tone, unless it is a blog for a company whose brand aims to be casual at all times.

Just because you can get away with divulging all of your inner thoughts through a personal blog does not mean it is always the best idea, though. Remember, all it takes is a quick Google search of your name for close family, friends, colleagues, and future employers to find your posts. If you think that what you are writing could harm your close relationships or even your career, you may want to exercise additional self-editing.

How often should I take breaks from blogging?
It is no secret that bloggers need to update their blogs regularly. However, the push to pump out frequent updates can wear writers out. How often should bloggers take breaks? You won’t find one set formula – what one writer needs is probably going to be different from the next.
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Instead, think about your writing in context with the rest of your life. For example, don’t shirk from a great vacation because you’re worried about losing subscribers. As with all work, balance is important. Your readers will understand if you want to take a few weeks off, and they will love reading about your trip when you get back.
With that said, taking too many breaks can disrupt your rhythm. Many writers get into the flow of producing a certain number of words per day; halting it can make it difficult to get into the swing of things again. Make sure you have a good reason to take a break, not just because you’re wrestling with writer’s block. By writing less, you could end up making writer’s block worse.
When should I start a second blog?
Before you decide when to start a second blog, ask yourself why you want to get a new website off the ground. Is it because you want a personal outlet to balance out your existing professional blog? Perhaps you are trying to bring in additional revenue? All those factors need to be taken into consideration.
If you’re looking for a new creative outlet, then all you truly need to worry about is time. Do you have enough hours in the day to start up a new, quality blog that people would want to read? If you do, then get on it – start that blog.
Those with business on the mind, however, need to tread more lightly. Consider the competitiveness of the niche you’re aiming to break into. Niches with stiff competition could take a while before you start to see monetary rewards, if you ever do. Do you have the funds and the patience to pour hours into a project that may only pay off months, perhaps even years, down the road? Those who answer “yes” are probably ready to embark on a new blog project.
Blogging is fun, but it takes time, commitment, and strategy, too. Taking the time to reflect on your next move in the blogging world can help guide your success.
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