Successful modern businesses know that the best way to cash in on an ever-decreasing post-credit crunch consumer market is to gain trade online. Any entrepreneur who has noted the decline in passing high street trade and dipped their toe into the web market will know that gaining a share of online business is a complex process. One extremely important piece of the Web marketing puzzle is pay-per-click (or PPC) advertising.

What is PPC?

PPC advertising offers businesses access to an intensely targeted range of online marketing services. Depending on their own needs and the perceived habits of their potential client base, websites can draw in customers using a number of clever targeting techniques. PPC advertising is offered by online giants, such as Google and Yahoo, and by social networking sites like Facebook. It also comes in bespoke form through professional PPC companies, who can place PPC anchor text links in web copy posted on third-party sites and blogs.

Choosing a PPC Strategy

Those looking for blanket Web coverage and hoping to snare customers through organic searches may wish to look into focusing their PPC marketing efforts on big-name providers such as Google, whose AdWords program offers a high level of flexibility combined with heavy market saturation.
For campaigns that will work well with a guerrilla feel, or companies looking to be at the vanguard of online zeitgeist, creating a PPC campaign using a social networking site such as Facebook may be wise; social networking spaces are often at the forefront of trend-setting, and a well-aimed campaign can propel a company into the collective conscious.
The third PPC option (in-text linking) offers the added advantage of allowing advertisers to target a niche market through related web copy using carefully selected keywords, which also helps increase search engine ranking. The complex nature of the PPC field means that many online businesses find it helpful to consult with specialist PPC companies before committing cash to a campaign.

Why Choose PPC Companies?

At the simplest level, PPC companies tie their advertising campaigns to specific keywords, meaning that a company’s promotions will appear to those who express an interest in this area through their online activities, such as searches or readership of niche blogs. However, the targeting opportunities are more complex than simple keywords. For example, businesses based in certain areas can target potential customers using a geographical filter, meaning that only those using Internet service providers identified as being within their catchment area will see their material. Similarly, if companies choose to create campaigns in social networking spaces, they’ll be able to narrow down their target audience even further.
These kinds of PPC campaign can be cleverly crafted to capitalize on the information supplied by site users, allowing advertisers to select their potential client base by gender, age bracket, and even their preferences in music and activities. And with PPC, advertisers only ever pay for results – meaning that unless someone chooses to click the advert and discover more, the company will not be paying for a redundant ad placement. Companies can furthermore select the lifespan and budget for each campaign to suit their overall marketing strategy.
For slow-burn, high-exposure PPC campaigns, it can be wise to set a low daily budget to run over a longer period of time, while for blitz campaigns, setting a high budget over a shorter period of time may be best. Whichever option advertisers choose, levels can be pre-set for ultimate control and peace of mind.

Planning a PPC Campaign

Companies looking to enjoy the opportunities offered by PPC would be best advised to seek the advice of an expert consultant, who’ll be able to help tailor a PPC plan to the needs of their company and online habits of their potential clients. A combination of third-party keyword ad placements, social networking site promotion and niche blog marketing can create exciting results for businesses in any field.

About the author: Approved Index is a leading online service provider that connects buyers and suppliers for a range of services and equipment such as PPC advertising.