The Apple iPad has been revealed recently – in a highly publicized keynote address delivered by Steve Jobs – and while critics are quick to point out the upcoming tablet’s flaws, we’ll focus here on one of the reasons why the Apple iPad can be a potential game-changer.

Apple claims that the iPad is the best way to experience e-mail, and the tablet sure has enough features to back that up. Equipped to provide a reading experience unlike any we’ve had before for a large-screen device, the iPad is poised to benefit everyone who uses e-mail: businesses, entrepreneurs, e-mail marketers, and individual users. Of course, as far as Internet marketing is concerned, there’ll never be a better time to design and launch e-mail campaigns.


The Apple iPad seems to have been designed for users who want a relaxed and engaged reading experience. Unlike most web and desktop e-mail clients out there on the market, the iPad – with its 9.7-inch multi-touch screen – doesn’t have distracting elements on its large preview pane. It’s free of crowded chromes, sidebars, folders, and banners and columns of online advertisements. It’s clean and uncluttered. What’s more, because of the iPad’s large, vivid-color screen, users can read their e-mails and see much more of e-mail contents at a single glance. (To Internet marketing professionals, that’s a huge advantage: it’s that much easier to publish engaging content and send messages across.)

Displayed images

E-mail is usually just a bunch of text, right? Not with the Apple iPad. Taking off from what they did on Apple Mail and the iPhone, the designers of iPad set the display of images on default – allowing e-mail to be richer with graphics. On the bright 700 x 580-pixel preview pane of iPad’s large screen, and with an impressive 135 ppi display, E-mail on the iPad looks so much better. Navigating and managing your E-mails are also as simple as tapping and flicking.


There’s built-in HTML5 support across Apple products like Apple Mail, the iPhone, and iPod Touch; the latest inclusion is the Apple iPad. This means users can play videos from right inside their E-mail. Moreover, this feature will work reliably across other Apple E-mail clients, such as Entourage and MobileMe.

The Apple iPad has a bunch of other features that can potentially revolutionize the way we read and view e-mail. Well, make that “see” and “touch” e-mail.

Did you Know?

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