2013 has already settled in, we are into April and the trends have begun to show their faces and new web design trends are in action and here to stay. Graphic Designing in 2013 is also under the influence of technology and why shouldn’t it be! In order to stay at the top one needs to match the pace of the new era. This is why professional graphic designers are working hard to explore the stylish and advanced techniques to enhance the look of their websites. However, it is not easy to stay one step ahead for a niche like web designing which keeps evolving and changing with the blink of an eye. Nonetheless, there is a trend list for 2013 which can help you in forecasting what will be in and out this year.

Use hot new Font Styles
Foundation of web designing is the huge variety of font styles and printed text widely known as Typography. Earlier, graphic designers were just limited to few types of fonts and played around with them in almost every website. However, standards have gone up and doing the same thing is no longer a choice! Graphic designers are not limited to typical designs like Cambria, Calibri,Verdana and the likes. But with help of search engines and Google Web Fonts you can get access to a different variety of hot fonts and make your website look catchy and attractive. Graphic designers are utilizing these resources to create and develop designs which stand out and make the website a huge hit! Script fonts are also a new fashion for 2013 web designing.
The Overexposed Photography
The overexposed photos on a web page may seem like a mistake of the graphic designer but in reality it is the result of effective aesthetic planning. The thing is that vintage appeal of such photos lead to the creation of wistfulness and abstraction which gives the whole web page a unique look.
Illustration is the new Tool
The new trend in graphic designing is the use of totally creative, original and illustrated web designs. Today’s designers are avoiding the ready to use stocked graphics and instead they are coming up with their own! This not only gives the web page a distinct look but also portrays the personality of the designer. Original designs can make your website look more eye-catchy and totally unique. “Starburst” is an amazing element for creating visually appealing designs.
Choose the Right Balance of Colors
Making use of flashy and neon colors is no longer the trend. Instead, light and soothing colors and at the most intense shades are the hottest trend for graphic design in 2013. These shades are likely to grab attention of the people hence they are quite effective in generating web traffic.
Pattern and Texture Fusion
Pattern and textures for sure, add more depth to the overall web design. Adding creative patterns and textures can turn your website from dull and boring to classy and attractive. This can increase the interests of users and make your site more popular.
And last but not the least, keep it simple. Anything too complex can turn the user off and they might not want to visit your website again. So keep the content as minimal as possible.