Hello Lakeshore Branding blog readers! I am the new social media intern. My name is Genevieve Costello [see below]

intern genevieve

I am about to graduate from School of the Art Institute of Chicago [SAIC] (this Saturday actually, woo woo!).  I’ve been in the Visual and Critical studies realm for about two years now and have concentrated on online social media— I am really into how communication on multiple platforms integrates in social realms.  In general though, I am into social relations//communally defined structures and individual volition within shared structures.  From this idea sort of falls brands/companies’ malleability within these popular//shared notions of structures and how these large interactive groups with [often] fiscal intentions [brands/companies’] come to participate and perpetuate particular successful strategies [thus moving previously established-shared communications].

JUST remembered this blog is supposed be “light”   ….. above was not light, my apologies.

General info about me then- I enjoy good wine [red], good food, live music.  I like music festivals, pretty pumped for Pitchfork this summer [Panda Bear, oh yes*]. I like to read [often philosophy-based]and photography for documentary purposes, although I quite enjoy creation in general. For art I’ve been mostly working in collage format or play with fabric manipulation, embroidery/sewing.  I don’t spend much time watching movies or TV but I’ll make my way to widescreen for Blackhawk games.

Looking forward to my time at Lakeshore, thinking I’ll be able to learn a bit more about the first chunky paragraph’s topics.

First wordpress post down, learning already.

over and out, Genevieve  : favorite song of the day : track 9, wowzaz

This is a post written by our social media intern Genevieve Costello