Do you find yourself always on the go, having to work – literally – from your Apple iPhone? Don’t worry. Running around doesn’t mean you cannot accomplish the tasks needed to manage your SEO campaign – as long, of course, as you have one of today’s most sought-after mobile gadgets. We’ve talked before of great apps for small business owners. Now it’s time to list down great iPhone apps for those looking to continue working on optimizing their site, even while out of the office.


Ego for iPhone is a stat-tracking application that lets you check out the numbers and figures that are relevant to your SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) campaign. With support for Ember, Feedburner, Google Analytics, Mint, Squarespace, Tumblr, Twitter, and Vimeo, the Ego app lets iPhone users view things like daily, hourly, monthly site visits, subscriber count, number of Twitter followers, and even feed subscription totals. Ego is particularly useful if you’re managing multiple accounts. After you’ve authenticated these into the app, checking those web stats in one go will be more convenient than ever. No need to keep logging in and out.

iSEO Tools

This tool allows you to monitor the status of your website optimization efforts. Features of the iSEO Tools app include an SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) Analyzer, an Inbound Links Analyzer (for checking the link popularity of your site), and an updated list of high-quality web directories through which you can submit your site and increase your PageRank. The best part? The app costs only 99 cents.

Analytics App

It is what it says: an app that basically serves as your Google Analytics on your iPhone, with easy access right at your fingertips. The Analytics App is a great SEO tool for tracking, studying, or even sharing website data while on the go. Need reports? The app has 55 kinds of them, with multiple metrics and data that can be organized into up to a hundred rows. Apart from supporting multiple logins and domains, the Analytics App also has a simple, easy-to-use dashboard that gives you an overview of the data that matters to your SEO campaign.


Like the Analytics App, SEO IT is a great and comprehensive analytical tool for anyone who’s involved one way or another in search engine optimization and competitive intelligence. Only, this app focuses on analyzing site elements like its source codes, body text, anchors and links, title tags, images, and even back links. Why is this important? Because with SEO IT, you can determine things like which keywords a given website is optimized for, or which sites are linking to a given URL. For a mobile app, that’s pretty amazing – you can find out what your fiercest competitors are up to, so you can manage and adjust your SEO efforts accordingly and more effectively.

URL Submittor Pro

Are you into local business SEO? Here’s a great iPhone app for you: the URL Submittor Pro. What it does basically is help you enhance your online presence while, say, you’re off to the movies, or in a cab on the way to a meeting. Here’s how: you type in your URL and a brief description of your site, and voila! URL Site Submittor Pro does the rest, submitting your site to a list of various search engines and web directories. Understandably, the app can’t guarantee automatic acceptances into the directories and search engines to which your site has been submitted, but URL Submittor Pro more than makes up for it with a neat History feature, which shows submission details and allows you to avoid duplicating your submission efforts.