Reliability, speed, support, and pricing: these are the things that one looks for in a web hosting provider. And while there are plenty of hosts who have put their names and services out into the market, none are perhaps as popular or widely talked about as GoDaddy.

You’ve all probably seen the Super Bowl ads. But loving the commercials doesn’t automatically mean being familiar with the product or service. Does GoDaddy live up to the hype? Or are you better off with lesser-known domain registrar and web hosting providers?

Services: GoDaddy offers a variety of hosting types – Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate – each of which comes with unlimited bandwidth. Economy gets you 10 GB of space, 100 E-mail accounts, and 10 MySQL databases. Deluxe, meanwhile, offers the best value with 150 GB of space, 500 E-mails, and 25 MySQL databases. An Ultimate Plan gives you unlimited space, bandwidth, and domains, plus 1,000 E-mail accounts, unlimited databases, and a free SSL certificate. There’s also a bunch of valuable add-ons and features that should make GoDaddy worth your while.

Reliability: GoDaddy has earned rave reviews for its reliable domain hosting services. Their clients range from personal websites and small businesses to e-Commerce sites and enterprises. Uptime is close to 100 percent – they’ve recently updated their data centers – and you’ll usually have no problem installing Joomla, WordPress, and PHP apps. All hosting plans also come with constant software monitoring and physical security, and daily backups are performed to avoid any sort of data loss.

Speed: The infrastructure used to host and run your website is all owned and operated by GoDaddy, which means nothing goes through third parties. Support this with brand-name routers, firewalls, and servers, and you have world-class technology that allows your site to run at an incredible speed. It’s certainly as fast as that of some website providers whose services are a lot more expensive.

Support: When you talk about GoDaddy’s customer support services, it’s worth mentioning that the company has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been accredited by the consumer advocacy organization since 2000. Its sales and technical staff are helpful and knowledgeable enough, and they can easily be contacted via GoDaddy’s technical support, sales, and billing support lines.

Pricing: At first, one might not get all the hype about GoDaddy – and why it’s being advertised at all in the Super Bowl. (Web hosting? Domain registry? Championship football?) But once you see the prices, you’ll begin to understand. The Economy Plan can be as low as $4.99 a month; the Deluxe Plan at $6.99; and the Ultimate Plan at $12.99. Sign up for a year and you get discounts. The value that GoDaddy offers for basic, intermediate, and advanced web hosting is pretty hard to beat, even at this day and age when everyone seems to have some app or software or another to offer on the web.