Some small businesses seem to be able to move ahead in any economic environment. During a recession, they are opening new locations when competitors are closing doors. During a boom, their profits increase at double or triple the average rate, and soon, those small businesses are huge companies.

Successful small businesses all have the same secret: People notice them. When people notice a business, it means more customers and faster growth. Of course, this is common knowledge. Businesses are constantly trying to attract customers. Their marketing efforts compete with the marketing efforts of every other business, and the result is a mess so confusing that potential customers do not notice any business.
Making your business stand out in such an environment is tricky. It requires wit and the right strategies. Read on for four ways to get your small business noticed.
Social Media Marketing
Creating profiles on websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter is the first step to social media marketing. Not only is this option free of charge but it is also one of the best as it has a lot of audience. Adopting this marketing tool not only enhances your coverage but it also maximizes your advertising efforts. Creating a profile is quite useful in several ways. Like a normal website, they provide pictures, links, a business description and contact information. The advantage of a social media profile is that it is more visible to the friends of users who already like the business.
Use Twitter
Of the various social networking websites, Twitter is particularly valuable for businesses. A business can use Twitter to inform their customers of special deals and offers. If a deal is particularly enticing, the online followers of a business will use Twitter to inform all of their followers. A massive increase in publicity is the result. In addition, talking to customers regularly on Twitter makes them feel connected to a business and can lead them to favor that business over competitors.
This is one marketing strategy that has been adopted by many businesses, small and big alike. Having the means to know what your market thinks about your product is an invaluable tool. And giving your customers the option of being able to get in touch with you just makes your business all the more within reach, which is a big plus for you.
Hand Out Branded Merchandise
T-shirts and promo water bottles marked with a business’s logo are great marketing tools. A business can hand them out when customers make a purchase. There are two benefits: Customers make more purchases in order to receive the free merchandise, and when they drink from the custom bottles and cups or wear the branded t-shirts, others see the company name.
Promote With Other Businesses
This is an effective and cheap way to make customers notice your business. Typically, one business will agree to promote the products of another business in exchange for goods or services. The two businesses are often in related industries but are not competitors. For example, a coffee shop specializing in organic coffee could promote a nearby health food store in exchange for free health food.