Have you ever wondered what makes a good restaurant great? The answer is simple, branding. By having a few simple branding ideas, you will surely make your mark in the world of many restaurants. You can easily stand out from the competing restaurants with a few simple tricks up your sleeve.

How to Begin Creating a Restaurant Brand in 6 Easy Steps
When it comes to branding, it is all about setting yourself apart the competition. You want to have something distinct, and this can be accomplished in many different ways (and works best if you can employee several different branding techniques). Below are some basic tips to help get a restaurant started on the right branding foot:
1. Get your customers involved with the processes of your restaurant.
You might want to think about getting your customers involved in your plan. Post signs in your establishment with food facts about the products you are serving. Maybe you are serving local ingredients that were picked up at your farmers market that morning, or meat from a local deli. Share these facts with your customers, and make them feel good about supporting local producers.
2. Have a catchy slogan that sticks in the head.
Everyone can remember those commercials where there is a telephone number with a catchy tune or a slogan that is memorable. Remember, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!” That was many years ago, but people can still identify it with the product they were selling. Think about clever ways you can brand your specific restaurant that people can easily remember.
3. Advertise in creative ways if your budget doesn’t allow for commercials or print ads.
We all know that advertising works, but what if you don’t have the budget for print ad or television commercials? Don’t worry; there are other ways to advertise. It can be as simple as putting flyers on car windshields at the local movie theater, to paying a high school student to stand outside your restaurant with a funny costume on holding up a sign with the name of your restaurant printed on it. Be creative, and have fun with it.
4. Create an eye-catching logo that will last.
Think up a cute logo for your restaurant. If you are serving Mexican food, for example, maybe have a logo of a giant taco. Make your logos colorful and eye catching to the public. Logos are also a good way for consumers to remember you by. They see the “giant taco” and it immediately makes them start craving your Mexican food! Logos also help distinguish you from your competitors and other establishments in your area. Finally, you want to consider your age group when it comes to creating a logo. You can go here to learn more about how to create the perfect logo for your restaurant.
5. Get involved and be active on social media networks.
This is a very powerful tool for you to use. Most every household these days has access to the Internet, and therefore you are opening yourself up to be seen by thousands of people with the simple click of a button. Think about opening a Twitter account and have people following your every imaginable idea. This makes it fun for the consumer, therefore, putting money in your pocket!
6. Decorate your restaurant with a theme or décor in mind.
Have your restaurant look inviting to customers when they walk in the door. If you are serving seafood, maybe deck the place out in a nautical theme! This can include fish and nets on the wall to little ships in a bottle at every table. This is totally up to you as to how you want to brand your restaurant with your own style and flair, but this will help set you apart.
As you can see, restaurant branding can come in many forms. It is totally Carte Blanc as to what you want to do. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time. Just a little creativity on your part and you can have a successful restaurant for many people to enjoy for years to come.
Do you own a restaurant? How do you brand your restaurant to help you set you apart from the rest? How do you think restaurant branding differs from branding in other industries? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
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