Developing relationships with your customers makes it much easier to tend to their needs. When you know what your customers want and need, your business can offer a better selection of goods and services that they will want to buy. Understanding the customer will allow you to tailor your product or service to please the customer and increase profits.

1) Keep A Log Of Their Purchases
Keeping a list of the things that your customers buy will help you understand their shopping habits. For example, if your online analytics show customers from a certain area purchase a lot of the same product, you can focus your marketing efforts on a certain product to that high traffic demographic. Not only will this allow you to keep track of what has been sold, this also allows you insight as to what sells and what you should purchase from your suppliers.
2) Ask Your Customers To Take Surveys
Surveys can be used to collect data on your customers as a whole. This can help determine the design of your online store, pricing, and customer likes or dislikes about your company. Give customers options to give feedback online, over social media, and through receipts from online or store purchases.
3) Talk To Your Customers Directly
Set up a call center where your customers can talk to a real person to discuss their concerns or frustrations. Never underestimate the power of good customer service. When you know what your customers don’t like, you can avoid problems in the future. To take this concept one step further, you may want to have a manager talk to customers while they shop or an assistant help out on live chat online to get a feel for what they want and need.
4) Track Customer Satisfaction
Tracking customer satisfaction is vital to improving your business and getting rid of poor practices. A high quality Mindshare enterprise feedback management system is a great way for your business to  track customer satisfaction, and turn it into profitable results and improvements. You will have all the tools that you need to listen to comments, reply to comments and take action based on what your customers have to say.
5) Stay Active On Social Media
As the CEO of your company, you are the face of your brand. Therefore, it is important that you make time for your customers. Answering questions on social media or having a weekly chat through a variety of social media platforms can be beneficial to developing a rapport with your customers. Also keep your company active on three of the most popular social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.
It is important that you know what your customers want. When they feel as if their needs are being addressed, they will continue to buy products from your company. If they feel ignored, they will most likely avoid your brand for good. Always be attentive to what your customers are saying, so you can consistently evolve and improve with the changing needs of customers.