So, you’ve finally decided to join the social media stream and now you’re looking for more creative ways to market your business. So far, you’ve built your Facebook page, a LinkedIn group, and your newly launched corporate blog is receiving a lot of positive feedback from readers.
There is one more thing that can boost productivity: social media applications. These apps can boost your marketing efforts and make the process even more efficient. Here is a breakdown of the five most popular social media apps that you can use to accelerate your marketing success:

Networked Blogs


Join an online family of over 500,000 blogs and build an active community around your own blog. With the Networked Blogs Facebook app, you can:

  • Import the blog feed to your Facebook profile
  • Share your posts with a huge community of bloggers
  • Gain massive visibility
  • Promote your blog on Facebook

The first step is to add your blog to the Networked Blogs via Facebook. Once you do that, your blog will have its own page on Networked Blogs and the app will pull out your recent posts and post them on the Networked Blogs feed.


Huddle is an online collaboration platform that helps businesses and professionals connect and work together. It’s being used in more than 180 countries by hundreds of thousands of people and top businesses such as HTC, Fujitsu, UNICEF, Disney, Kia, etc.
The service allows you to:

  • Schedule projects
  • Manage people
  • Share files
  • Coordinate actions, etc.

You can use the app online via Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, and Ning – and offline on Microsoft Office and as mobile app on iPhone, iPad and Blackberry.


RatePoint helps you collect business reviews and testimonials from your clients and share them online. It allows you to maintain a common sense attitude towards your audience and listen to what they really have to say about your brand. (Learn more about the importance of letting testimonials speak for you.)
Basically, what they do is help you harness the power of positive customer feedback and leverage it into sales. This app connects to Facebook and Twitter and allows you to share the collected data with your Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

Social Revitalizer

Social Revitalizer offers a complete range of tools and services to help you promote your business on Facebook. They provide constant updates and statistics on your wall that help you track your progress in the social media environment.
The app also allows you to:

  • Put your brand on Facebook Pages
  • Promote your content to the Facebook communities
  • Create custom applications for your brand, etc.

Pagemodo’s Pagebuilder

Pagemodo’s Pagebuilder offers free professional design for Facebook pages. This app allows you to easily develop Facebook pages without any technical background. (Learn more about integrating e-Commerce into your Facebook page.)
You can also:

  • Add photos
  • Embed video
  • Change the fonts
  • Market your products

To start using the Pagebuilder you need to click the ‘Connect with Facebook’ button on their site and they take it from there.


With social media expanding at such a fast pace, these five apps come in handy. So, pick one that matches your marketing needs and start implementing it today!
About the author: Nitin Aggarwal is a young entrepreneur and owns Offshore Ally, a company of competent virtual assistants and link builders. His company has the best virtual assistant for real estate online.