The Internet has become an increasingly dangerous place, at least if you consider all the people who use it for malicious intentions. It’s important to be aware of the vulnerabilities of the Internet, and to know what you can do in order to protect yourself. So here are five fantastic tips for Internet security.

Back up your data
This is the best way of protecting your data. Vital information such as invoices, E-mails, and documents should be backed up on a daily basis if possible. Backing up regularly will ensure that whenever your computer system – or the server – crashes and loses data, you are left with a backup copy. It is very easy to back up data. A small amount of data can be backed up in a CD, an external hard drive, or a cloud service.
Antivirus protection
Every computer needs to have up-to-date and credible antivirus software installed on it. This software will keep your data secure, as well as ensure that your computer runs efficiently while you’re managing your E-mails, downloading stuff, and browsing the Web. Since new viruses are created on a daily basis, it is important to update your software often. Outdated software will not be able to protect your computer effectively against new viruses.
In addition to antivirus software, it is also important to install a firewall in your computer. A firewall protects your system from being accessed by dangerous or unauthorized individuals and information. This includes hackers, as well as malware and spyware threats. A firewall is particularly helpful for computers which are online for sustained periods. Some operating systems come with in-built firewalls. Those without firewalls have different applications which can be installed at no cost.
Password security
Passwords are used for different activities on the Internet, such as social networking, banking, and E-mail. It is very important to have a strong password so as to ensure that your personal data is protected. Your password should be made up of a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and even a special character. If you use common words or people’s names, it will be relatively easy for someone to guess your password. Once you have selected a password, keep it secret. Avoid sharing it with people or writing it down. Change your passwords frequently to enhance your safety.
Sending and receiving emails is a common activity for most people on the Internet. However, it is a task that is fraught with much vulnerability. E-mail attachments can come infected with viruses that are designed for nothing else but interfere with your computer system. Therefore, it is vital that you never click on a link or open an E-mail attachment which has been sent by a stranger. However, even if the sender is familiar to you, it is advisable to scan the attachment using your antivirus software.
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