In today’s world, the Internet is being increasingly used for all kinds of business ventures. However, there is one industry – the health and fitness industry (fitness clubs and fitness professionals) – that doesn’t often make use of the Internet due to the mistaken belief that this kind of business can only be conducted face to face. As a result, they end up missing out on the enormous benefits that online marketing offers.
Quite a number of fitness clubs, fitness specialists, and personal trainers promote their businesses mainly through word-of-mouth advertising. Some of them shy away from the Internet because they imagine it will be very costly to venture into online marketing, SEO, or social media marketing. This is the wrong mindset. Here to convince you (hopefully) is a list of ways you can immediately enhance your online presence.
There are many free and easy-to-use tools available which can be used to create a business blog. For instance, within a few hours, you can create your own fitness blog on free platforms such as WordPress (highly recommended) or Blogger. When you post regular fitness news and tips on your blog, you will improve your search engine ranking and begin attracting traffic to your blog, both from human readers and search engines. This traffic can eventually be converted to sales, too.
As you update your blog and continue with your content creation efforts, you could also visit different message boards, fitness forums, and industry sites and post messages and comments while having links pointing back to your blog. This is a useful link building tactic that has generated significant traffic for my own blog, which offers weight watchers and Bistro MD coupons and discounts.
Social media sites
Besides blogging, it is also important to have an online presence in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. When properly used, these social media channels can be a very effective tool for online marketing.
One of the best ways to market your business online, of course, is through YouTube. This channel allows you to offer a personal invitation for prospects to join your health club, gym, fitness centre, forum, or blog. You can also use it to offer health tips and show clips of actual events. For instance, do you hold group or personal training sessions? Do you teach salsa, aerobics or yoga? Well, take a camera and shoot a useful short clip of what you can do. With YouTube, these fitness sessions can quickly be turned into effective marketing opportunities. Online video marketing is a great way of engaging prospects in an audio-visual level.
Internet marketing will enable you to reach thousands of prospects whom you might never be able to meet in person. Many people are desperately looking for anyone who can offer them personal and helpful health and fitness advice. Therefore, as you interact with prospects online, you need to convince them that you have their best interests at heart. When you come across anyone who needs nutrition advice, weight loss tips, or fitness training, be ready to answer their questions and help solve their fitness problems.
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