I hate to start off with an apology but I am sorry for lying. I have to admit that I lied in the title of this article. These aren’t famous SEO phrases at all. Instead, they are famous phrases which could have been said about SEO (search engine optimization) if you use a bit of imagination. I could tie myself up in knots here trying to explain what I mean so let’s just get started instead.

A Superior Man is Modest in His Speech but Exceeds in His Action – Confucius

Some people see SEO as being like some sort of black art which is carried out by untrustworthy charlatans. Clearly this isn’t usually the case but a good tip to avoid propagating this image is to avoid claiming to do things which are impossible. It is far better to give a realistic idea of what you can do for a customer and then strive to better that than to fail to live up to what you promised.

The Only Thing Which Interferes with My Learning is My Education – Albert Einstein

Sometimes we aren’t open to new ideas because we think that we know it all already. If someone as learned as Einstein says this then it is clear that it is a flaw which affects all of us. SEO is a field which changes constantly and if you don’t keep on learning then you run the risk of falling behind your rivals. In most other jobs, there is no real need to keep on constantly learning new techniques and strategies but with SEO it is an essential part of the work and you should not let what you already know stop you from gaining new knowledge.

I am So Clever That Sometimes I Don’t Understand a Single Word of What I am Saying – Oscar Wilde

Have you ever got so in-depth with something that you didn’t know what you were doing anymore? I know I have done this so I expect that other people have too. SEO is one of those strange types of work which can be both stunning simple and incredibly complicated at the same time. My advice here is that sometimes you need to take a step back and look at the basics of what you want to achieve. You want to get a site in a better position on the search engine rankings, don’t you? There are some simple ways of getting started on doing this and you would probably be best advised to get going with these before the difficult stuff if you are starting to lose your way. It is a job in which you can use your intelligence a lot but you also need a lot of common sense and a clear way of thinking, as understanding exactly what you are doing and thinking about is essential.

When Disaster Strikes You Never Get Depressed – Mr Blobby

I know Mr Blobby didn’t actually speak these words but they form part of his inspirational song and I guess he probably wrote them. In life things go wrong all the time and in an industry such as SEO we are more susceptible to unexpected events than most people are (read: Google algorithm updates). The next time you are feeling low because things aren’t going to plan, try and picture Mr Blobby and the rest of the world famous geniuses on this list. Sure, Mr Blobby isn’t a deep thinker like Confucius was; he doesn’t have a brilliant mind like Einstein and he doesn’t have a way with words like Wilde. Still, he knows that drive, determination and a blooming good song can go a long way to giving you what you want in life.
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