Facebook’s photo sharing feature has become increasingly popular among Web users. This feature has enabled people to share their special moments with their family and friends all over the world. Besides individuals, businesses have also taken advantage of Facebook photo sharing as a social media marketing tool to promote their products and services.
The following are some guidelines that will help you use Facebook’s photo sharing feature more effectively.

Name your albums
Facebook automatically stores uploaded photos into an ‘untitled album’ (usually with the date of upload). You can change or arrange such albums easily according to your personal needs. When creating an album, the first thing to do is to appropriately name the album. Facebook automatically names albums according to the date when they were uploaded. However, a name such as ‘August 8, 2011’ is not likely to grab anyone’s interest. Therefore, select titles which are catchy and relevant to the photos contained in the album.
Customize the album cover
Once you upload several pictures in an album, one photo is automatically selected to be the album’s cover. Before people open your album, they will see the cover first. Therefore, you need to make sure that the cover photo sums up what your whole album contains. It should give your viewers an idea of what to expect. For example, if the album showcases photos of a particular wedding, a picture of the bride and groom, say, would be appropriate for the cover.
Arrange your photos
With Facebook photo sharing, you can arrange your photos to appear the way you want in the album. If the album showcases a particular project you undertook, or product you made, you can organize your images to show the step-by-step process. To arrange your photos, simply go to the album, click on a photo, and drag it in whatever direction you wish.
Tagging pictures
Picture tagging is one of Facebook’s commonly used tools. Tagging a photo allows you to draw people’s attention to a particular photograph. When you tag a photo with someone’s name, they will receive a notification and will be able to see the photo in their profile. Use the feature whenever you feel like a friend or a fan may want to find out specific info about the featured photo, or about your new product or service.
Add many photos
It is important to continuously add new pictures, especially if you are promoting a product or service using photos. Uploading new pictures consistently will grab the attention of your fans and will keep them coming back for more. Sharing photos frequently on Facebook is a tactic that has been effective in promoting my snapfish coupons and mixbook discounts.
Don’t be impersonal
Social networking sites offer you the chance of engaging your potential customers on a personal level. Therefore, make sure your photo albums are neither cold nor impersonal. Besides showcasing your products or services, you could also share photos of staff fooling around in the office or working hard at their desks. (Editor’s note: Check out Lakeshore Branding’s Facebook page for a sweet example.) Connecting on a personal level with your customers will be ultimately beneficial for your business.
About the author: Charles writes for mixbook discounts and snapfish coupon codes photo books, and occasionally for Lakeshore Branding. He also blogs about special coupon and discount offers such as snapfish discounts and mixbook coupons.