Online business is taking over as the main source of revenue for firms across the country, and as such, more and more people are looking into the need for SEO (search engine optimization) to stay ahead of their rivals in these competitive times. It seems as though some of the major Web influencers have acknowledged this trend and are busy thinking of ways to get involved.
Facebook appears to be the latest internet giant to incorporate SEO into its services, having released a video which guides users on how to optimize their company profiles in order to gain better online exposure.

What does the video include?

The firm has teamed up with Distilled on the video, which aims to provide viewers with a step by step solution to their optimization needs, explaining what users need to do to create profiles that will increase their search engine positions. One of the key issues the Facebook team has raised is the importance of selecting the right name for your page. The video suggests using simply your company name, as complicated names will make it harder for your audience to find you amongst the masses. Other areas explored include content, and the benefits of running offers and vouchers.

Double click the video above to watch ‘SEO for Facebook Pages’

Who could benefit from this guide?

It would appear that the video is aimed more towards business owners without much experience in online promotion, rather than those particularly well-versed in the SEO arena. The guide offers a clear overview of the industry with simple instructions on each aspect of your profile which needs attention, making it a useful platform to build upon. As such it is particularly helpful for smaller businesses or those with smaller budget allowances.
Covering all the vital parts of setting up a successful social media account, the guide shows you how to obtain links and likes for your business profile. You can also discover the benefits of generating discussion and interaction in order to build a relationship with your consumers. For your social media campaign to lead to enquiries and sales, which ultimately will be why you created it, you need to build up a level of trust between brand and your audience. So if you’ve recently established a new online business or you’re part of a small family firm beginning to experiment in online marketing, this video might be worth taking a look at.

What are its limitations?

Spending a large proportion of the video explaining the concept of SEO and its importance, it does seem that the guide focuses more on why these factors are important rather than providing in-depth guidance. For example: Facebook mentions the importance of gaining good links, but doesn’t go into great detail about the technology behind this, proving to be more of an analysis into the effects of SEO rather than offering any advanced link building tips. For this reason, anyone searching for a more encompassing SEO campaign should seek the advice of an experienced SEO company. Nevertheless it will be interesting to see the reaction the video receives.
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