It’s kind of stressful trying to figure out ways on how to rank better in search engines. Just figuring out where your website stands, in terms of relevant keywords, is like rocket science. Like, “Where does my culinary website appear on Google’s search results pages whenever someone searches for ‘easy homemade recipes’?” Sure, there are plenty of web-based apps and tools that promise to help you do just that. But sometimes, these apps and tools are still too expensive. Or too complicated. Their interface makes you want to squint, or hide under a desk.

Enter AuthorityLabs. It’s a super simple search engine monitoring service, founded in Arizona by a guy named Chase Granberry. Basically what it does is give you the data or the feedback that you need in order to rank better. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business, an enterprise, an Internet marketing company, or an interactive communications agency; AuthorityLabs is pretty scalable – and extremely easy to use.

For a minimal monthly subscription fee, the service allows you to track and analyze your performance on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. You can add as many domains as your account allows, then track up to thousands of keywords within each of these domains. That way, you’re able to track multiple keywords for multiple sites.

Data is provided daily, accurately, and reliably (without the need to install complicated codes on your sites – everything is automated), presented by AuthorityLabs in the form of easy-to-understand graphs and dashboard reports. You want to track inbound links, too? You can do that on AuthorityLabs. Need to generate keyword suggestions based on the data you’ve pulled from your domain tracking efforts? Let the app do the job for you.

Support is excellent. Once you sign up, AuthorityLabs actually guides you step by step – with E-mails on how to get going – instead of leaving you to figure the system out on your own. There’s also a custom demo page that shows you what you’ll actually see on your dashboard once you sign up.

AuthorityLabs has a bunch of other great features, like the ability to specify which locale you want to see search results from. Yes, it checks rankings outside your home country, too. You also get to have access to relevant AdWords data, which should help you find out if the keywords you’re tracking are actually being searched for. Furthermore, as AuthorityLabs pulls search results from the search engines, it does so by displaying 100 results at a time – which, you have to admit, is pretty impressive.

One of the coolest things about AuthorityLabs is that it’s 100 percent White Label. This basically means that you get to add custom logos and run the app on your own URL. You can also share your data to an unlimited number of users, who will all be probably so impressed at your having made it look like you tracked all that data from your own secret tool.

We here at Lakeshore Branding have been using AuthorityLabs, which is certainly an essential service if you want to find out what’s helping you rank better (and what isn’t). It also helps you gain an understanding of how your brand, product, or service is being represented within search results – something that you can definitely leverage in order to perform better. Best of all, it’s an affordable service – simple, easy-to-use, and not like rocket science at all.