I once heard a friend say, “If you ever decide you want to work your butt off every day, try opening a restaurant!” Ain’t that the truth?! The restaurant business can be one of the most grueling, thankless, frustrating businesses in the world. It can also be one of the most creative, profitable, and rewarding businesses. It all depends on how it goes for you.

Like most businesses, restaurants seem to be getting more competitive all the time. Sometimes, it’s not even a matter of who has the best food or the best prices. It’s all the business nuances: advertising, management, personnel, accounting, management of funds. Here are a few ideas that may help you to keep on cooking:
Maximize Web presence
As you know, these days, Web presence is everything.  If you don’t have a website, you don’t exist to most people.  Walk-by traffic and word of mouth advertising are great, but you need more than that to really thrive.
You need a killer website and good SEO representation. If you already have a website, try to make it even better. If you don’t have one, please get one – a professional one. With all the do-it-yourself website software out there, many people believe that they can just whip up their own site. Technically, you can. But should you? Those sites are good enough for personal use, but this is a business we are talking about, the public face of your restaurant. It’s not that expensive to get good, professional web design and development to feature photos of your place and your food, maybe friendly photos of your staff, customer testimonials, hours of operation, and (of course) your menu.
But, once the site is done, you are not.  You need SEO, Search Engine Optimization. This service is so worth it. An SEO consultant will use tactics to bring people to your site, converting visitors into customers. It’s all about search engine rankings. When people look for a business, they only tend to look at the first few listings for the keywords they enter. SEO helps to bring you into those first few listings, increasing your chances that potential customers will find your site among the hundreds.
Do your own repairs and upgrades
When you own a building of any kind, repairs and upgrades can be some of your biggest expenses.  It’s not just how much you make – it’s how much you spend. Saving money is just as important as making it. It’s worth the time to learn how to do many of your own repairs and upgrades. Get to know your place like the back of your hand.  Pay attention to regular maintenance issues, and learn to handle them yourself. There are hundreds of instructional video available for free on the Internet, so you can learn to do just about anything. When it comes to tools, you probably don’t want to sacrifice the room or the cash for a huge collection. It’s probably best to get one of the new multi-tools. They are light, versatile, and precise.  They replace pretty much any type of saw, and you can also use them for removing dried paint, dried concrete, and old tile grout. They will cut drywall, plywood, paneling, fiberglass, plastics, tubing, copper pipe, and any kind of wood. If you had to buy just one tool, this would probably be the one to get. It’s so versatile because it uses interchangeable blades that allow it to do all of these things. You can get replacement blades very cheaply, so it really does save you money. A multi tool, a hammer, and a pipe wrench, and you probably have most of what you need to repair, and even remodel, the average restaurant.
Make connections at local colleges
Take advantage of local colleges. Not all college students are beer-guzzling goofballs. Most of them tend to be hardworking and ambitious. One of the keys to finding good college employees is to call the departments. Don’t just post fliers. Anyone may show up. Call the culinary program, business department, accounting department, or whatever department you think may be useful, and ask them to recommend students. It may take a couple of phone calls, but it makes sense to let the school do the screening for you. Even if it’s for a dishwasher, ask for a recommendation. The departments want their students to have work experience and money, and most professors will be happy to send someone your way who they think is responsible and diligent.
About the author: The author is an oscillating tool user who recommends using a multi tool with sonicrafter blades to make projects faster and easier.  He writes articles about the importance of finding the right SEO consultant to provide affordable SEO services to increase customer bases.