First of all, this is not a recommendation for Dreamweaver. If the title sounds like a covert suggestion to use Dreamweaver, please accept my apologies.
All I want to do is tell readers why Dreamweaver is such a big hit amongst developers when it comes to creating websites and web applications.
So without wasting any more of your time, here goes:

Single Panel – Multiple Designs

Dreamweaver CS5.5 offers you a feature known as ‘Multiscreen Preview Panel’. This feature allows a single panel view for styling and visualize rendering for not only the PC but also for smartphones and even tablets like the Apple iPad. This has made the job easier for developers to corroborate styles and data and ensure that a particular website design is compatible across various platforms and devices.

Faster and Simpler Integration of Interactivity

What do people want from their websites these days? They are looking for better interactivity, yet another reason why website developers love Dreamweaver. It has made the addition of interactive components that much easier. It brings to you a featured component called ‘JQuery’. It’s an exhaustive JavaScript library, which helps developers add interactive elements to their web pages in a convenient manner. This industry standard JavaScript library is also a great way of developing interactive templates for mobile phones.

Ease of Conversion with PhoneGap

If you haven’t been impressed enough, here’s something that might get you going. Dreamweaver offers developers a feature known as PhoneGap, which helps build native apps for iOS and Android platforms with relative ease. This is great news for developers who haven’t got a firm hold on the business of building and packaging native apps for these mobile OS. What’s more, PhoneGap is an open source framework, while helps you convert existing HTML into mobile compatible application, quickly and cost-effectively.

All-in-One Creative Suite

Adobe, the company behind Dreamweaver, also offers other creative suites such as the Adobe Flash Professional, Photoshop, and Fireworks, amongst various others. A seamless integration of these suites in Dreamweaver saves time during project development and also ensures that a website project is a coming together of the best of designing elements.

Code Hints

Even the best of developers forget their code sometimes. You must have heard of ‘writer’s block’: well, welcome to the world of ‘developers block’. Thankfully, the coding assistance provided by Dreamweaver helps developers overcome any memory lapse when it comes to coding. The unique ‘code hinting’ functionality of Dreamweaver helps in the development of clean codes. Whether it’s HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, or even PHP, if you get stuck, there will always be a hint.

Adherence to Guidelines

Difficulty in adhering to W3C designing standards is a common refrain of web developers. No doubt, the exacting nature of W3C standards is a challenge but what is even tougher is validating the accuracy of the design. This is where Dreamweaver scores over the other designing platforms. There is an online W3C validation system integrated with the software that helps you judge the accuracy of the web design standards that you have used.
And the list just goes on.
To say that this is the complete of list of functional benefits that make Dreamweaver the first choice of web developers and designers would be doing a great disservice to the software. There are plenty of other aspects that make this a highly popular web authoring and editing software.
About the author: Mark Spencer is an Internet Marketing Consultant working with PLAVEB, which is a Professional Web Design and Custom Website Development Company based in Los Angeles, California.