Do you hire great employees, no matter the position?

Yesterday I went to Potbelly in Bolingbrook with my girlfriend and 5-month old puppy, Jack. I stayed outside with Jack and sat at a table while my girlfriend went inside to order. While sitting with Jack, a Potbelly employee comes out the side door and asks if my dog needed some water. No thanks, I told him, my girlfriend would be bringing some with our lunch. That’s pretty thoughtful, but what happened next really made me impressed.

A few minutes later, the same employee came back out with a bowl I assume they use for salads. “Here you go, figure this would work better than a cup,” he said. What a guy. Going out of his way to make sure my dog was cared for.

Do you hire people like this? If you’re not sure what that answer is, then you have the wrong people working for you.

This guy had no idea I’d talk about my experience and write a post about it, but that simple act of kindness is surely going to have me talking positively about Potbelly.

Of course, the tasty sandwiches have had me a fan for years anyways, but this is icing on the cake.

Social media is great and wonderful, but don’t lose sight of what is truly important in business, and don’t get lazy. Social media won’t bail you out if you have awful customer service.