Lakeshore Branding


Meet the Lakeshore Branding Team

Lakeshore Branding is a team designed to build companies. We’ve come together around a belief that we can help companies do a better job of marketing online to drive more sales, leads and conversions.

We’re experienced, opinionated and driven. Our team members have worked for big brands, agencies and start ups. They have been the creative directors, strategists of marketing campaigns and the creative force behind some exciting marketing campaigns. But our strongest characteristic is a dedication to ensuring entrepreneurial success for each of our clients. Each of us is addicted to helping companies grow and Lakeshore Branding, as an organization, gives us our fix.

Ian Ceasar Ramos


Ian is great at organizing information with his research and data analysis background, he works with our team to help create unique content and link building solutions for our clients.

Enjoys Reading: SEOmoz, Search Engine Land and the Wallstreet Journal.

Family Man: His favorite thing is to spend time with his two kids and wife.