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On November 24, 2007, wrote:

So yesterday we decided to venture out and try our luck with the large herds of people venturing out for the door buster sales on black Friday. It is traditionally the day when retailers go from the red to black (profit). After some discussions we decided to start our journey at the local outlet mall, which opened at midnight. Yes, they were open for 24 hours on Friday. I was unsure what to expect, all of the group were virgin “busters.”
The mall had the same jumpstart last year and people were packed up for miles on the expressway. We decided to start a little later to avoid the large group, heck they weren’t giving anything away. We woke up at 4 am, even Grandma Verge who is 86 made it out for her first bust. We walked into the first store just before 5am and it was jamming. All I could think to myself was I as nuts as the rest of these people for getting up at the crack of dawn for a sale on tshirts?
The deals at most stores were fantastic, my favorite was polo shirts for $20 a piece! (normally $75) We did venture to a few department stores after to continue the sales.
I couldn’t help but think about the marketing efforts the national retailers used to get me to think I should rush to the store at 4am and how this could be applied to other businesses? Should I have a one day blowout sale? Could I get people to line up for my service?
Should I join up with other service businesses in my area and combine efforts to have a blowout sale during slow months? I’m not sure what it will be yet but I am sure I will figure out how to apply the lessons of yesterday to future business endevors, do you have any ideas? send them my way, would love to hear them.


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