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If you are someone who has invested in making sure that word of your business gets out fast and effectively, you know that you need to think about promotional materials. Brochures, signs and posters are all things that help bring good attention to your business, but how can you make sure that they are making the right impact? We’ve all seen signs that are laughably bad and signs that are just dull, so it is worth your while to figure out how you can avoid this.

Before you start thinking about what you want your brochures to say or what kind of signs you need, think about the impact you want all of these items to have. For example, if you are a candy shop, you want to create sense that you are lively, colorful and sweet. You want people to look at your promotional materials and think about all of the fun and frivolity of candy. On the other hand, if you are a wedding dress boutique, you want to create an impact where you give an impression of beauty, elegance and care. You cannot move forward with your graphic design goals until you have these goals in mind.

When you are thinking about the graphic design, you also need to think about the tone of your information. This is a lot like impact, but there is a subtle difference. Impact is the result you want, while the tone is one of the important tools that you use to get there. Going back to the candy shop example, you want to convey the idea of sweetness and fun, and you can do that in a funny way, in a childlike way, in a cute way or even in a snarky way, depending on your preference.

Your colors need to reflect your business choices. For example, if you are a travel agent, soft blues and greens recall tropical climes. If you are advertising a legal counseling service, use browns and bronzes to imply solidity and wealth. While you are thinking about what colors to use, remember that across the board, the deeper the color saturation and the deeper the hue, the more striking it will be. Take a moment to think about the colors that will suit your company and your business.

People are becoming increasingly more and more sensitive to the effect of fonts. When you are thinking about fonts, take a moment to think about what kind of fonts you like and which ones are right for you. For the most part, avoid jokey fonts like Comic Sans. There is an element of frivolity with this font that does not jive well with most people. Similarly, you will find the Papyrus font is one that is very over-used. Take a moment to think about how your font impacts your business’s experience.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so take advantage of this adage. You can describe your candy all you like, but the better thing that is to make sure that you have a picture of it. A good rule of thumb is to only put things in text that you cannot put into a picture. If you can convey the information in a picture, be sure to do so!

If you are someone who is invested in making sure that you are creating the best business brochure, make sure that you think about all the factors that go into making it great.

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