Hungry for More? The 32 Best WordPress Templates and Themes Today

On January 25th, 2012, wrote:

Our recent post on premium WordPress templates was a hit. (Thank you, readers!) So we decided to make another list showcasing even more WP templates and themes. Hopefully, it will help you: Enhance the visual impact and usability of your WordPress-powered website, blog, e-Commerce site, or Web page; Ease the development and administration of your site and lift some burden off your shoulders (or Webmaster); Reflect more appropriately the personality and character of your brand and business; Enable you to organize your template files more efficiently and configure them for use under specific situations or seasons; And drive your WordPress site in a way that meets your specific requirements and business goals. If you’re an Internet marketer, online advertiser, blogger, business owner, entrepreneur, online retailer, musician or artist, journalist, photographer or designer, or mom-and-pop store owner, we highly recommend that you use WordPress, Lakeshore Branding’s favorite content management system. (The very site you’re reading is powered by WP, too.) It – Read the full article

Are Companies too Scared to Adopt Cloud Solutions?

On January 24th, 2012, wrote:

Cloud computing solutions are the latest popular development in technological advancements. However, a number of businesses still fear that adopting these solutions would not be in their best interests. So what are the major concerns held by businesses and are they well founded? Concerns on Security, Implementation, Reliability? Research has suggested that the main concerns surrounding cloud technology include security worries alongside adoption or implementation difficulties and reliability. The truth is that while SaaS (Software as a Service) can be exposed to a number of vulnerabilities and dangers, such as those listed, the services are all protected with high security measures in order to ensure that ultimate safety and security of data is maintained. This means that a number of businesses could be needlessly rejecting cloud computing solutions based on unfounded or misguided concerns. (Editor’s note: Be sure to check out our post on the best cloud computing services and apps for small businesses!) Security of Data and Information Perhaps – Read the full article

48 Premium WordPress Templates Worth Paying For

On January 16th, 2012, wrote:

WordPress was first released in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg. Yes, it’s that long ago. Before Facebook even happened. Since then, it has grown to host, as of late last year, around 15 percent of the world’s top 1 million websites. It has also been downloaded over 65 million times! But if you’re still looking for reasons that will convince you to build – or redevelop – your website using the WordPress platform, we won’t shy away from giving you several: WordPress isn’t just for blogging. It’s flexible enough to power your business website, your e-Commerce site, your product and services page, your social networks (check out our recent post on BuddyPress), your anything. It’s simple and pretty easy to use. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you’ll know how to use WordPress, which has its own WYSIWYG editor to aid users who prefer not to use codes (like HTML). Training a client on WordPress site administration is also – Read the full article

Why Breadcrumbs are For More Than Just the Ants

On December 14th, 2011, wrote:

While the traditional breadcrumbs are nothing but annoying, the term “breadcrumbs” in technology has a different reputation. For those who are unfamiliar, breadcrumbs are little words and phrases that some websites place at the top of a webpage to help the user follow where they are in the website. They work as little navigation tools to help someone stay organized when working through a website with many different webpages. Consider the example below: In general, only major companies use breadcrumbs because they seem so sophisticated. After all, a small business website can’t be that hard to navigate, right? Wrong. If you have more than one webpage, utilizing breadcrumbs has many benefits. Top 5 Reasons Your Webpage Should Be Using Breadcrumbs 1. Easier Usage – Visitors will likely have a much better experience on your website if they can get around easily. Sometimes users can get frustrated jumping from page to page because they get lost, but breadcrumbs help solve this – Read the full article

Skills You Should Have to Become a Good Web Designer

On December 12th, 2011, wrote:

Web design is a fast-growing industry given today’s technology and Internet frenzy. To be a good Web designer / developer, one needs to possess a certain set of skills; while there is no written handbook that specifies exactly all the rules of Web design, a creative disposition and a strong sense of innovation are a must, as is a certain knowledge of computer programming languages. Traits of a Good Web Designer Creativity and innovation are essential for a Web designer / developer. No book can teach any individual about all the perfect color combinations for all types of design. These are certain things that come instinctively; Tampa web design, for example, is usually represented by a mixture of web designers with a remarkable sense of creativity and extremely high knowledge of the programming languages necessary for driving high traffic to the business, as well as for optimizing results. Functions of Web Development Maintaining your database is an important function of web – Read the full article

3 Things that Should Not Exist in Your Sales Page

On October 20th, 2011, wrote:

In order to create a successful sales page, you have to make sure not to include things that will turn off your potential buyers. Most sales pages that have the things that shouldn’t belong there will face the bad consequence of low sales, or no sales at all. That’s why you should carefully examine your sales page before you decide to publish it. Here are things that should not be there: Wrong focus Your entire sales page should focus on addressing your potential customers’ problem — without hard-selling the product. No matter how great your product, don’t boast about it until the last line. You have to educate and give information about how to solve the problem of your potential customers first. Let them know about the product once you’ve done this. And don’t forget to let them know about how to get the product. Criticism and insult You know that your product can solve people’s problems. Now, for example, – Read the full article

Guidelines for Developing Effective Websites

On September 16th, 2011, wrote:

To build an effective, profitable, and customer-driven site, you need to dedicate more time and effort to information gathering and planning. The following are some guidelines that will help you build a successful website. What are your specific goals? Do you want a brochure site? Do you intend to sell services and/or products? Are you focused on branding and company awareness? Information and content? Social network communities? You need to think through this aspect since it will form the foundation of your overall strategy. Find websites within your industry which you can emulate. It is okay to borrow ideas, as long as you personalize them. Measure of success Usually, businesses succeed when specific goals are imposed on them. By having a clear goal, be it generating online income or attracting a certain number of visitors to your site, you enhance your chances of success. Take time to list down your goals. Remember that this list could change as your site – Read the full article

Dreamweaver or Nothing for Website Developers?

On June 16th, 2011, wrote:

First of all, this is not a recommendation for Dreamweaver. If the title sounds like a covert suggestion to use Dreamweaver, please accept my apologies. All I want to do is tell readers why Dreamweaver is such a big hit amongst developers when it comes to creating websites and web applications. So without wasting any more of your time, here goes: Single Panel – Multiple Designs Dreamweaver CS5.5 offers you a feature known as ‘Multiscreen Preview Panel’. This feature allows a single panel view for styling and visualize rendering for not only the PC but also for smartphones and even tablets like the Apple iPad. This has made the job easier for developers to corroborate styles and data and ensure that a particular website design is compatible across various platforms and devices. Faster and Simpler Integration of Interactivity What do people want from their websites these days? They are looking for better interactivity, yet another reason why website developers love – Read the full article