5 Ways To Expand Your Business Branding Online

On February 15th, 2013, wrote:

The internet has brought a whole new frontier of marketing potential for businesses seeking to build their brands. Branding is endlessly important in business as it generates not only exposure, but loyalty. In every industry from electronics to clothing, good businesses create customers who are fiercely loyal to their brand. Expanding your business branding online will help you build such a loyal following, and you can get started without spending a fortune by following a few simple guidelines. Maintain an Active Blog Millions of individuals all over the world have taken to the internet as a writing platform, and blogging has exploded into one of the most significant publishing movements in recent history. Use this to your advantage and start building your brand. Blogs are almost entirely self-regulated, which means you have complete creative control and the ability to publish your content instantly. Use your blog to reach out to your customers and connect with them on a more personal – Read the full article

How to Get More Traffic from YouTube

On August 6th, 2012, wrote:

The development of groundbreaking technologies has enabled the digitization of processes such as recording, capturing, and storing videos. As a result, picture and audio quality of the videos have improved drastically, making videos simple, reliable, and easy to refer. Since the turn of the century, usage of the Internet has risen dramatically and hence videos have become an integral part of the present day multi-media experience. Videos are fundamental for sectors such as broadcasting, media, education, and entertainment. Moreover, videos have entwined themselves naturally with the Internet to become one of the major sources of reference. Of all the active Internet users, about 74% of them watch online videos and about 56% watch videos on their mobile phone. The survey also revealed that among the respondents from 56 countries, about 35% of them watch videos daily via any one of these sources. In the fourth quarter of 2011 alone, more than 147 million active Internet users watched videos online. As a testament – Read the full article

Why Video Needs to Be a Part of Your Homepage

On April 19th, 2012, wrote:

No matter what the business or the industry, the consensus is the same. We live in a visual society and the only way to stand out among your business peers is to be visually exciting. Use Visuals to Engage Your Audience Visual stimulus is more than a nice little add-on. It is essential to bringing customers to your website and keeping them there. More and more businesses are finding that making video a central part of their homepage is an essential step to building and maintaining an online customer base. Video Can be Affordable Many businesses forgo using video on their websites because they think it is too expensive. However, the cost of making a professional-looking video has reached the point of accessibility for even the smallest of startups. High definition cameras are routinely purchased by new businesses looking to create video for their websites. Because customers are less and less impressed by movie quality special effects, it is not – Read the full article

Video Production on a Budget

On October 5th, 2011, wrote:

It’s easier than ever to make promotional videos. A few years ago, if you wanted to have an advert made, then you would have had to search for an affordable company offering video production in Nottingham or another major city near where your company was based. The production process would require regular meetings, intense discussion, several edits, and quite a large bill at the end. Now that even personal computers are capable of video editing, it’s starting to make more sense to do the work in house. A short video production training course may not bring your work up to the standard of a professional outfit doing video production, but if you’re producing short advertisements or viral videos then you most likely won’t need the sophisticated equipment of a professional video lab. What can you learn from video production training? One mistake that many people make is to get carried away playing with fancy settings and effects with their video – Read the full article

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like: The Genius of the Old Spice Guy

On September 5th, 2011, wrote:

We’ve probably all seen these captivating Old Spice ads. Male or female there’s a certain je ne sais quoi about Isaiah Mustafa, who appeared in these commercials in 2010 and became part of the fastest-ever growing viral media marketing campaign. Isaiah is depicted as the perfect boyfriend in a series of fantasy situations, all because he chose Old Spice products. The narrative of the original advert (the one which ends with “I’m on a horse”) is quirky and takes place in a single, CGI-assisted shot. Isaiah Mustafa’s graceful, smug patter and charismatic movements make for exciting viewing, and the slick nature of the “storyline” keeps the viewer wanting more – precisely what we want from a viral advertisement. There was a shorter, “stinger” ad released, and one which showed him in a rowing boat removing a fake moustache to reveal another fake moustache below. Finally, Isaiah Mustafa starred in a second long advert. This time, the transitions were far more – Read the full article

Tips for Using Your Blog as a Publishing Nucleus

On July 20th, 2011, wrote:

Blogs have increasingly become valuable multimedia hubs where personal bloggers and companies provide information through all types of media in various categories of interest. When bloggers write posts and get them published, they expect readers to find them. The fact, however, is that your blog is one among millions of others – probably even hundreds of millions – existing in the Web universe. Instead of waiting to be discovered, you need to find a way of telling the world that you exist. The best way of doing this is to promote your blog to social media sites. Once your post is published at your ‘hub’, you should let your followers and fans find the post where they hang out. With more than 200 million Twitter users and about 800 million on Facebook, having your post promoted through social media is crucial in giving your blog much needed exposure. There are several major platforms where you can publish and enable people – Read the full article

8 Best Practices for Integrating eCommerce with Facebook

On March 7th, 2011, wrote:

The E-commerce industry hasn’t only grown bigger than ever. It has also become more social than ever. Thanks to the constant evolution of the Web – and to the popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter – businesses and retailers are now doing more than just catering to individual Internet users and online shoppers. They’re also marketing to the people’s friends, inner circles, and communities, with the aim of bringing in more fans, followers, and dollars. Yes, dollars. In a recent story by Mashable, Jason Taylor, vice president of Platform Strategy at Usablenet, wrote that, when it comes to marketing, it’s “no longer just about ‘liking’ brands.” With a social network like Facebook giving way to new sales opportunities, businesses and online retailers are maximizing their social presence to drive not just marketing and branding campaigns, but also additional revenue. “By integrating purchasing into their branded pages,” Taylor said, “businesses can effectively take advantage of Facebook as a – Read the full article

Using Reddit and Social Bookmarking for Business

On January 20th, 2011, wrote:

As you’ll notice, we’ve been focusing recently on the “marriage” of search engine optimization and social media – and talking about things like how you can use social media sites for your SEO campaign, or how you can leverage Twitter for link building. We believe that social can have a tremendous impact on search. And by “social” we don’t mean just Twitter and Facebook. We take into account other websites, too, like Reddit. Reddit – a social bookmarking site – is one of the darlings that we’re keeping an eye on this 2011. It has been around, having been launched 5 years ago, but Reddit enjoyed its best year last 2010 when it experienced a 300 percent surge in traffic (thanks largely to the expense of faltering Digg) and record 829 million page views last December alone. The site markets itself as “the voice of the Internet – (with) news before it happens”. Being a social bookmarking site, Reddit delivers – Read the full article