The Most Innovative Tools For Web Development

On March 23rd, 2013, wrote:

Website development is an indispensable part of any online business. Nowadays, all the companies want to take their business to an online platform to improve online presence and increase revenues. The only way to start an online business is through the creation of websites. But that is not enough for the development of the business. You have to increase the rank of the web page. It is only possible with the help of a proficient web developer who knows a good deal about coding. This particular content deals with the different ways by which you can develop your website. Proper Web Development through HTML HTML editors are used for developing the HTML documents. Some companies prefer to make their own HTML code while some prefer to use the HTML editor. There are lots of tools for web development, but while using this particular tool for the development of your website, you should know a little bit of HTML in order – Read the full article

Top 3 Technologies That Are Used In Web Designing

On March 15th, 2013, wrote:

For more than one and a half decade, websites have turned out to be one of the best and the most effective method of doing business and making money. Previously the main and the only purpose of the website was to market a company’s name as well as its product over the shores, but now it has transformed into a dynamic platform via which one can actually sell products in the international market without any trouble. With the evolution of technology, the mode of designing and development of websites have also been changed to masses, as in early times websites were designed over HTML technology, as none other than that was available. However, with the passage of time, the introduction of new technology and tools used for web design has forever been changed. Following are the top 3 technologies that are being used in web design: Ajax Flash PHP Ajax Ajax can be said as the amalgamation of JavaScript and – Read the full article

Top Six Tools For Web Design And Development

On January 12th, 2013, wrote:

Web design is one of the fastest growing sectors on the web because websites have become phenomenal for business survival, development and growth. The same way the sector has grown, so has the technology used to develop websites. For websites to come fruition from conceptualization to completion, you need to have tools to facilitate the process. And even though many such tools exist, only a few can be considered great. This article looks at the top six tools used to support technology that develops and designs websites. Duplicate content checker Duplicate content is one of the worst things affecting web development and online businesses. It can negatively affect the website’s SEO and online reputation. As a developer, you need a tool that will ensure your website has original content. is a tool that allows you to spot plagiarism in the website content to the phrase level. This makes it an important tool for the web development process. Adobe – Read the full article

WordPress Plugins: Five Small Ways To Improve Your Site’s SEO

On January 23rd, 2012, wrote:

There is a multitude of WordPress plugins that can make your site more SEO friendly and the same ones are repeatedly recommended with little variation. If you have not installed WordPress’s All-in-One SEO Pack, W3 Total Cache, Google XML Sitemaps, SEO Slugs, Trackable Social Share, or similar SEO plugins, go do that right now. If you have already addressed your SEO needs with these handy dandy helpers, then you might want to think about installing these less frequently lauded but still awesome plugins.  After all, good SEO is about solid, engaging content, and these plugins will provide the opportunity to connect with your users in different ways. BuddyPress BuddyPress elevates your site by enabling you to construct your own social network on your WordPress site. When installed, it will make your site more interactive and encourage users to build upon what you have started. This powerful plugin provides a whole host of social networking components including activity streams, fully editable extended profiles, and extensible groups – Read the full article

20 WordPress Plugins That Can Boost The Revenue Of Your Blog

On October 8th, 2010, wrote:

Do you have your favorite WordPress plugins? I have a list of more than 10 ones that I install on every blog. Some help me backup easier, some improve the site speed and other plugins show me detailed stats of what people do on my blogs. All these plugins are great. But they are not the most important ones. The most important plugins for every serious blogger are these which help their blog generate revenue. Of course they can’t magically turn your blog into money machine – you still need to work hard and create great content. These plugins however can significantly boost your revenue – by improving the SEO and user interaction, by helping you to sell more ads, or by letting your users share the blog on social networks. Here is a list of the best ones you can install right now: 1. WP e-Commerce Now it’s easy to turn your WordPress blog into a shopping cart. The – Read the full article

Shoeboxed Review: Receipt Tracking and Expense Reporting Made Easy and On the Go

On September 5th, 2010, wrote:

One of the most tedious tasks that we’ve all hoped we could do without is tracking receipts. It doesn’t matter if you’re a young corporate hotshot, a one-man startup, a small business owner, or a high-powered on-the-go executive: at one point or another, you’ll have to gather those receipts for office expenses, keep track of those credit card and online payments, and spend time – hours, sometimes – on entering data into your financial records. Bo-ring. It can keep you off working on what really matters, too. But do any of us have a choice? We want to be spared tax-related hassle. We need to stay on budget. Enter the app called Shoeboxed, which basically combines free online software with a paid scanning service to literally digitize and organize your receipts. Shoeboxed is the secretary we all wished we had, the receipt tracker who would never mind the time-consuming task of collecting receipts and doing the math for us busy – Read the full article

Analytics what is that? Google gives it out for free?

On January 5th, 2008, wrote:

Google Analytics is the tracking software used to discover who is visiting your website. Google Analytics can tell you where the hits are coming from, how long they are on your site, what pages they visited and i think most important- how they got to your site. I can see who is linking to me from where. This service has an huge value, previously companies would charge thousands a year for this service that google now offers for free. So if you have a website this is a must have to learn more about your visitors.