Inventive Ideas: Marketing Your Lightbulb Moment

On August 31st, 2013, wrote:

You have an idea for the next iPhone, virtual reality machine, or maybe even a new kind of T.V. Maybe you’ve invented a piece of software that promises to revolutionize the way we surf the web, do personal budgeting, or how we interact with our environment. Whatever your invention, you need marketing. Why? Because great ideas aren’t worth much unless other people know about them. Do Research Research the industry closely related to your new invention. Odds are that there are existing challenges, trends, competitors, and gaps in the marketplace. Identify any potential problems that might arise due to patents, trademarks, or copyright protection before you get steeped in developing your own idea You don’t want to work on something for six months only to find out that someone else already beat you to the punch and has secured a patent on his invention. Once the coast is clear, and you’ve got a mock up of your product, get the – Read the full article

Customer Analytics Is Important – Here’s Why

On March 28th, 2013, wrote:

Today’s digital world provides marketers the ability to capture and record, measure and analyze, as well as report most anything. Conversions, clicks, business drivers, attrition and value destroyers are all fair game. So, with all this going on, how do companies stay competitive? Knowing where potential customers shop or the brand they are looking to wear is just not enough anymore. The key to being competitive is having the ability to understand exactly why customers make the decisions and choices they do, their feelings about their decisions and their experience they have engaging with your company. Once a company has this understanding, it really gives them that extra push of being able to finally predict their potential customers behaviors so they can manage their potential customers’ experiences positively. With customer analytics, this goal is very well reachable these days. Customer analytics is the process and technology that provides businesses important customer insight to effectively deliver timely, relevant and anticipated offers. – Read the full article

Marketing Lessons… The Good, The Bad And From TV

On March 20th, 2013, wrote:

In the business world there are many ways to increase revenue. One of the things that businesses can do is improve their marketing. Since it is the consumer that is going to buy your product, you have to find a way to convince them that what you are selling is worth their hard-earned money. Simply put, you want to make your product seem indispensable to your target market. With this being the general Idea, marketers can start to formulate their advertising plan. This is where the hard part comes in… how exactly do you achieve this effect? Brainstorm all you like but the simple fact of the matter is, unless you get inside the minds of your potential buyers, you aren’t going to make sales anytime soon. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to penetrate your target market. The most effective means of persuading people to buy or spend money on something is to make them feel like they need – Read the full article

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Facebook Promotion Campaign Is Not Working

On February 22nd, 2013, wrote:

This article includes the top 5 reasons for the failure of a promotional campaign on Facebook. Although Facebook promotions are paid to get ordinary results, many campaigns do not get their desired results. A Facebook promotion campaign is considered to be a failure if it has low click rates and no return on the investment launched. Below are the top five reasons why your promotional campaign on Facebook isn’t working. 1st Reason – Wrong market target for promotion: Many advertisers do not place their ad at right place and they select wrong ad targets as result. Size of a market is another thing which should be considered while placing an ad or selecting an ad target market. Some markets have a very big size while others have too small. Previous results which garnered good results from your Facebook campaign can also be used as an indicator for more promotion in the same targeted market. 2nd Reason – Promotion image is – Read the full article

Focusing On One Niche Market To Find Success

On November 30th, 2012, wrote:

These days, there is so much information out there and available to us constantly – so much so that we tend to get distracted and are pulled dozens of different directions every day. With so many options to pick and with so little time to do so, things can get really crazy just trying to figure out which ones to pay attention to. The same goes for business; I don’t know about you, but I get swept up by the latest and greatest from time-to-time – it’s always exciting to know about what’s new, what kind of traffic is hot, what software has come out and so on. When it comes to choosing a niche market to target it’s no different – I’ve been in touch with plenty of marketers over the years who have jumped from one project to the next, from niche to niche, never really focusing in on one and not giving their all to go the – Read the full article