How To Get Links On Sites That Don’t Really Want To Link To You

On February 25th, 2013, wrote:

If you work in SEO then you’ve probably noticed by now that people don’t really like giving links away for free. While giving away links is no longer thought to badly damage our own ranking, it’s nevertheless probably not wise to give out too many too freely as it still means pointing visitors away from our site. Furthermore, as links have value, giving them out freely is essentially a waste of money – you could be charging for those. Photo courtesy of: Gavin Llewellyn This makes life difficult when you’re trying to build a comprehensive and natural looking link profile though because it means that you’ll have to bend over backward to get your links on lots of pages and that many sites will even clear your links up as you create them. Post a link on a forum and you might find yourself being banned from that forum, post it in the comments and it will probably be a ‘no – Read the full article

Going Beyond Google Rankings

On February 21st, 2013, wrote:

If you have an online business, you probably spend much of your time daydreaming about SEO. You fill your head with questions like, what keywords are going to work best for my business? How can I grow my back-links? And most importantly, how do I get my website to show up on the first page of Google? In fact, many business owners have this specific type of ranking request: “I want to boost my rankings so that my website appears on the first page of Google.” There’s nothing wrong with that – and that’s what lots of businesses want! Yet what we voice to all of our clients is that web marketing should be about more than simply trying to hit Google’s first page. Of course, striving to achieve high SERP rankings has always been the focus of online businesses and although it’s a worthwhile objective, it shouldn’t be the only one used to target your audiences. Photo courtesy of: MoneyBlogNewz – Read the full article

5 SEO Tactics That Are Not Shady And Will Bring You Great Results

On February 15th, 2013, wrote:

When was the last time you had thousands of visitors come to your website and buy your products? If your SEO isn’t working out too well for you then this will never come to pass no matter how hard you try. All of your SEO efforts seem to be wasted because nothing is working. That must make you depressed because you know when a couple of your main keywords hit the top spot on Google, it will bring you untold riches. When is it going to be your time to shine? Have you ever considered the fact you might not be seeing any success because you’re doing the wrong things? Just because you read about a few great SEO tactics on some random article doesn’t mean they are still effective. Google updates their algorithms more than you have hot dinners and you could be pushing against a brick wall. If you want to do SEO properly you should stick to – Read the full article

How To Optimize E-commerce Sites By Organic Web Design

On January 27th, 2013, wrote:

Ouch! Optimizing your Ecommerce site by organic web design, if you were a hippo you would have said a mouthful. The people who believe that optimizing an Ecommerce site is similar to optimizing a regular site are sadly mistaken. An Ecommerce site is heavy, bulky, hard to manage and really, really boring to optimize. Many Ecommerce websites are poorly optimized because the programmer or designer simply gave up trying half way through. This article covers how to optimize your site by simply pointing out how difficult it is, and how to overcome those difficulties. Other than those direct problems, a lot of your remaining SEO should be standard website SEO. Long and boring The process of optimizing an Ecommerce site is very long and tiring. Some people think that it is a case of putting a lot of content on a large amount of pages, but that is only half the story. Duplicating content is not a good idea if – Read the full article

Do People Even Read A Blog? And Other Questions From A Business Owner

On January 21st, 2013, wrote:

Because there is a big push to move over to the digital world, numerous business owners are finding themselves in a dilemma. They may have run their business for many years without the help of the World Wide Web, but now more and more people are inquiring about their website. If you are one of these business owners, you may recognize your need to be online, but you may have more questions compared to what you already know. It can be confusing if you are not familiar with how a web presence works. Here, you will find answers to your very important questions. What is a Blog? Do People Even Read it? Some people may be unclear on just what a blog is. The word blog is short for “web log”. Essentially, it is like a journal of sorts. Businesses use blogs to provide helpful, educational information, to announce new products or services, and to give business news updates. Blogs – Read the full article

Tips On Doing SEO With Your Web Design

On December 5th, 2012, wrote:

Web design is an important aspect when creating your website. It is vital that you learn and understand the importance of simply using your web design to add in more SEO to your site. SEO is getting tough to deal with because of all the new algorithms and changes like the Google Panda updates which causes Google to take down several sites off of their first page. Gone are the days when you can create an article or a free blog and see it ranked after creating just a few backlinks via article directories. In this article, you are going to learn about the importance of SEO and how you can use your web design to help catapult your search engine rankings. What is web designing SEO? Web design and the graphics are important for increasing your chances of getting your site ranking high on Google. The truth is that SEO can be done through all sorts of ways on – Read the full article

How Bad SEO Practices Can Harm Your Website

On November 24th, 2012, wrote:

The temptation to be on top of the list on every search engine is tremendous, for that many SEOs use techniques known as black hat SEO. In simple terms these are not ethical or simply put, bad SEO, which used to go undetected by the bots. But most search engines have now updated their bots with new algorithms which will be deeming websites spam and ban them from being displayed. So to be visible, here are a few don’t dos for your website, which might harm it entirely. Cloaking Never cloak, and ask your SEO not to cloak. This is an unethical practice where the codes are written in such a way that the search engine reads something and the result in the end is something else. It might happen that you might be directed to some adult porn site when you have actually read description of an adult education site. This is a strict no no for any website. – Read the full article

7 Bad SEO Activities, Risky For Your Business

On November 4th, 2012, wrote:

Search Engine Optimization can greatly help your business flourish. The core reason behind SEO is to ensure that your business is easily accessible to anybody submitting a related query on a search engine, most popularly Google. However, there is no cookie cutter way to search engine optimization, there are ways of course, but there aren’t really any overnight short cuts. Some mistakes, misconceptions and bad SEO strategies have gotten businesses as big as JCPenny spammed by Google. Here are some don’ts to save your business website from getting badly penalized rankings or from getting banned. Photo courtesy of: 1. Cloaking Cloaking is termed to define the act of disguising a website so that it claims one service and provides another. Many spammers or even low key businesses use this strategy to deceive search engines by “cloaking” one purpose and serving another, especially to show ads. It is a bad strategy and can result in your website being banned by – Read the full article