Your Good Restaurant Can Become A Great Business

On March 7th, 2013, wrote:

Folks who open their own restaurant usually fail within the first year of business. This may not sound very encouraging for those who are considering to open up their own restaurant, but there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your business becomes a success. It takes more than just savvy business skills in order to run a successful restaurant. You will need to make sure that you have exceptional skills in management as well as human resources. There are many serious challenges that restaurant owners can face. Owners need to know how to address these issues so that their restaurant can become great. Tips and Hints to Help Make Your Restaurant One of the Best Getting buried in the daily operations of your restaurant is a big no. You should be sure to distribute the time that you have evenly in all areas of running and operating your restaurant. You cannot spend all of your – Read the full article

Can Online Marketing for the Food and Drink Industry Work?

On April 27th, 2011, wrote:

While the concept of online marketing can seem strange and almost unnecessary for the food and drink industry, there are a whole range of benefits that can come from having a good online presence. In this post I want to cover some of the most useful options available and how these can be applied to your business to help increase your exposure and ultimately lead to more customers coming through your doors. You’ll need a website Before you attempt any sort of Internet marketing you are going to need a website. This shouldn’t be a problem as most businesses nowadays have realized the need to have a website and have already got this step covered. But after investing time and money into a website to represent your business, doesn’t it seem wasteful not to get it in front of your potential customers? That’s where the next step comes in. Try out search engine marketing Millions of people use search engines – Read the full article