SEO 101: The 6 Important SEO Metrics to Monitor for a Successful SEO Strategy

On January 11th, 2012, wrote:

For your site to be noticed and to get traffic, it should have a good position in search, so that it will always land on the first page of popular search results at search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Achieving this is no miracle and is not something that can be done overnight: it takes an effective SEO strategy to move your website to the top of search engine results. In order for an SEO strategy to be successful, a website owner should monitor the different metrics of their site on a daily or weekly basis to gauge if the strategy that they are implementing is working. Here are a few metrics that any website owner should watch out for, to know if they are on the right track and if the strategy that they are implementing is improving their website’s ranking: SEO Metrics Traffic Metrics. Web traffic is the number of visitors that your site is getting. This – Read the full article

Top 5 Adwords Default Settings to Optimize for Improved Performance

On January 6th, 2012, wrote:

A potential pitfall for many new Adwords advertising is simply the false pretense that Google’s default Adwords settings are in the best interest for all advertisers. That’s simply not the case. Here are a handful of tips that can take just minutes but provide a significant lift in your online advertising campaign performance. 1. Review your location and language settings Google defaults each new campaign to target theUnited StatesandCanada. If you don’t ship internationally, this is a clear opportunity to narrow your targeting. If you are a localized business serving a specific area there is further opportunity to narrow in your focus by targeting a specific state, city or even specific mile radius surrounding your business location. Advanced Tip* If you are targeting multiple countries, set up separate campaigns for each country. Each geographic area will perform differently due to variances in search behavior. Separate campaigns will provide you much deeper insight into each location’s performance and allow for smarter decisions – Read the full article

9 tips to Strengthen Your Business

On February 1st, 2011, wrote:

Happy February LSB readers! Well now it’s February and hopefully, you haven’t abandoned your 2011 resolutions.  For us entrepreneurs, goals are important as ever on our road to global domination. Two of my goals:  Be consistent in the gym, and grow the business.  When I was in the gym last week, it occurred to me that most exercising tips directly relate to growing your business. Confused?  Read on to see how these muscle growing or slenderizing (for you ladies) tips can strengthen your business. 1) Don’t Overexert Yourself What’s going to happen if you lift too much weight? Injury.  This rule is the same for your business.  Rack up too much debt, take on too many clients, you’re going to hurt your business.  A rule in exercising is to ensure you master the lower weight before you move up.  Be real with your company’s capabilities and realistically conduct your business. 2) Don’t Follow the Other Guys Just because the people at – Read the full article

Keyword Research for Internet Marketing

On August 8th, 2009, wrote:

Internet marketing is generally broken into three areas- Research, Implementation and Tracking. Research includes using tools such as wordtracker, SEO Book or Google Adwords Keyword Tool. There are dozens of keyword tools to choose from but we like these because they are very easy to use and they supply the information that help us make good keyword decisions. These tools help you analyze what you believe the keyword list to be and modify it to maximize the potential website traffic. Simple things like making keywords plural has have significant increases in traffic or variations in phrases such as “online marketing” vs “Internet marketing.” While you may think that both phrases sound the same, you may think that maybe one or the other has a higher search volume- but you may be surprised to learn that “Internet marketing” has about 2.5 times the search volume of “online marketing.” Based on your objectives you would target the word that converts better for – Read the full article

Analytics what is that? Google gives it out for free?

On January 5th, 2008, wrote:

Google Analytics is the tracking software used to discover who is visiting your website. Google Analytics can tell you where the hits are coming from, how long they are on your site, what pages they visited and i think most important- how they got to your site. I can see who is linking to me from where. This service has an huge value, previously companies would charge thousands a year for this service that google now offers for free. So if you have a website this is a must have to learn more about your visitors.