Google Calendar in ‘The Office’

On August 9th, 2012, wrote:

Monday morning.  8 am. Dwight runs haphazardly into the office, completely out of breath and panting. Everyone in the office stops what they’re doing to see what the commotion is and, when they see that it is Dwight, their faces fall and disinterest returns. Dwight weezes: “I have been searching for Michael EVERYWHERE.  He told me on Friday to meet him in the parking lot. I waited and waited and waited and WAITED. Michael never showed. From there, I began the search. First, I checked Michael’s place; then, I went to some of his favorite novelty shops and restaurants. He’s nowhere to be found! I haven’t eaten, showered, OR even closed my eyes this whole weekend. I have been looking non-stop. MICHAEL IS MISSING.” After a passionate pause and scanning the room. “Why do you people show no concern that our fearless leader is MIA?!” Jim, who has been smiling quietly to himself as he listens to Dwight’s rants, turns – Read the full article

Top 10 Business Apps for Mac

On September 2nd, 2011, wrote:

Technology constantly affects the way that we are doing business. Without technology, our business is slower, less efficient, and if we chose to ignore the changes, our business could suffer dramatically. One of the best business tools that has revolutionized the way we do business is the Mac by Apple. With the Mac (iMac, iPad, MacBook, iPhone), connecting business deals, emails, and even live conferences, can happen with simplicity. The innovative design offers so many benefits to business users around the world. With a large interactive screen you can be networking, staying on task, and most importantly making money for your business with the click of a mouse. Developers know the advantages of using an iMac as a business tool, and have made some great apps to match, many of which are free. Here are the top ten FREE business apps as ranked on iTunes for your Mac!   10. Chimport Chimport is a business tool that allows you to – Read the full article

Beating Blogger Block: Tips to Keep Your Blog, Business, and Brain Always Fresh and Alive

On December 8th, 2010, wrote:

We all get it from time to time: blogger’s block. Like we’ve completely run out of ideas for our blog or website. Like we’ve completely run out of time. Drinking gallons of coffee to no avail; staring at a blank screen for hours; pressing “Save Draft” over and over when, sadly, there isn’t really any “draft”. And with the onset of this “writerly” disease, we wonder: will traffic go down? Will readers soon unsubscribe? Will my online presence suffer from this inability to generate creative, engaging blog content? What about my business? Have I turned into a vegetable? It’s a scary thought, especially considering that one of the best ways to gain visibility, name or brand recognition, and search-engine love in this information-crazy world is to write or blog as best as you can. Calm down. Throw your worry about your writing room window. And beat blogger’s block by following these great tips below: Keep an idea journal. You never – Read the full article

Navigating the Shark infested Waters of Small Business Funding

On November 12th, 2010, wrote:

Finding the right funding at the critical time can be a crucial factor in a firm’s success, and many developing businesses go through several different rounds of investment as the business develops. On some occasions an initial owner’s capital investment of perhaps just a few dollars to give birth to an idea will eventually lead to a listing on a stock exchange. Along the way, however, the business may need to source several different types of funding, with each type requiring its own unique approach. Finding any source of funding will be reliant on the owner having an accurate understanding of the finances, and being able to project these to potential investors. Thanks to a plethora of modern affordable apps and solutions on the Internet – such as new accounting software for small business that makes bookkeeping easy – what was once a huge stumbling block is no longer such a concern. Many businesses struggle due to receiving inappropriate or inadequate – Read the full article