Panda Update 21: Who Gets Affected?

On November 10th, 2012, wrote:

Google has just released panda update 21 and there is no surprise that it still has an impact as to the queries – at least 1.1% for English and 0.4% worldwide. But the right follow-up question then is who has really gotten affected with the new change being implemented and what does the update imply in the practices or violations in the SEO world? Probably, those who failed to follow the updated webmaster guidelines and enhance the quality of their sites are now thinking on how to outlast the update and protect their site from penalty or getting low traffic and rank. No, there is no doubt about that, they really are affected. Why? The reason is simple: Because the prime target of the change in algorithm is the sites with low quality or poor content. But what specifically is the effect of the update? That is one thing that we do not know, but we feel it whenever new – Read the full article

A Year Full of ‘Google Updates’ Comes To An End

On December 19th, 2011, wrote:

When we look back at the present year events that affected the SEO world, we would realize that it has been more remarkable than we would have thought it would be. This year has actually marked a decisive point in the efforts made by Google to improve the quality of search engine results that are served to the Internet users. The focus with which Google went about its task of cleaning some of the damaging and poor quality sites from the search engine indexes is pretty well-known. Unlike the gentle avatar that a Panda is considered to be, Google’s ‘Panda’ update literally sniffed out thousands of sites in a matter of couple of weeks from the web’s most powerful search engine. While many analysts saw a sort of devastation in the making for some time now, the intensity of the impact left everyone guessing about the company’s motives. All sites that were built on duplicate or re-written content were penalized. – Read the full article

The Evolutions That An SEO Company Must Deal With

On September 26th, 2011, wrote:

Search engine optimization is not a new idea in online marketing. It has changed and evolved a great deal, especially over the past five years. Those in the market for a new SEO company as well as any business that hopes to continue running its own in-house SEO should understand the same thing that every successful SEO marketing company does: that failing to keep up with changes in SEO means being unable to conduct successful SEO. Two changes in the past year, Google+1 and Panda, demonstrate the pace at which search engine marketing evolves and the dramatic nature of changes that can take place. Google+1 Although it may have lost some steam since its initial wave of success, the Google +1 feature continues to have a powerful impact on the company’s search rankings. More than one search advertising expert has claimed that “search will never be the same.” Beyond using saved cookies and search history to tailor search results, with – Read the full article

What Google Panda Taught Us about Search Engine Optimization

On September 15th, 2011, wrote:

Google has paved their way through the crowd of search engines by doing everything that they can to ensure that their searchers are getting quality results. They’re able to do this by continuously updating their algorithms to eliminate low quality sites from the SERPs. The latest update that Google rolled out is known as the Google Panda update. This particular one has caused a lot of controversy among the World Wide Web and many large websites (like eHow) have been knocked down in their search engine rankings. You can either look at this as the end of the Internet or you can look at it as a learning experience. For those who want to run away scared, please do so now. This article is for those who want to learn more about how they can prevent being one of the websites deemed as a ranking disaster in the SEO world. What the Google Panda Update Implemented This update was just – Read the full article