Am I Properly Branding My Mobile Payment Method?

On May 10th, 2013, wrote:

Mobile payments are becoming more common. Many small businesses enjoy the lower associated costs and easier use compared to traditional wired payment processing. Using a mobile payment system provides many benefits to your customers, but are you properly communicating those benefits to them? The Benefits Before moving on to the branding discussion, it’s a good idea to review and understand the benefits your customers will receive. This will help you with your advertising efforts. Mobile payment benefits to consumers include: You eliminate the need to carry cash or cards. Depending on the type of payment system you implement, your customers may be able to pay by simply waving their mobile phones near a scanner. You can enable credit card payments. Even if you don’t get a system that lets your customers pay with their phone, you can gain a lot of sales by offering credit card payments. Mobile payment systems make this a far more affordable option for you than – Read the full article

Is Your Business Wired Into Mobile Payments?

On February 1st, 2013, wrote:

If a stranger asked you to name the three best things about your small business, would offering customers mobile payments be one of them? In all likelihood, there is a good chance you are still on the outside looking in when it comes to mobile payments, but don’t fret just yet, there are many others out there like you. While a number of forecasts say mobile payments will continue to grow in the coming years, a sizable portion of small business owners have yet to jump on the bandwagon, waiting to see where the trend goes. Even if you have yet to offer mobile payments for your customers, the data indicates that you will probably will sooner rather than later. In 2011, Google surveyed a wide range of consumers to nail down the means in which the consumers were presently using smartphones and mobile devices in the retail world. Of those surveyed, 79 percent indicated they actively used their smartphones when shopping, with – Read the full article