Top 5 Tips For Creating A Mobile-Friendly Version Of Your Website

On November 14th, 2012, wrote:

Anyone who has had the misfortune to view a website on a mobile device before it has been optimized for smartphones and tablets is well aware of how annoying it is. Between waiting for graphics to load, stuttering through streaming videos as they buffer, and having to scroll not only up and down pages to read content, but also from side to side, users are likely to give up and go to competitors that have had the foresight to make their web pages mobile-ready. With a lot of web traffic coming from handheld devices these days, anyone who wants to keep visitors coming in and profit from the rankings and sales that they represent really needs to create pages that are compatible with the mobile space. But aside from the programming mechanics that actually allow mobile users to view your content, what can you do to optimize your site for viewing on smartphones and tablets? Here are a few tips – Read the full article