SEO Tips For Responsive Websites

On March 11th, 2013, wrote:

Some weeks ago, Google announced new criteria for designing mobile websites. There were many points that were of significance and importance. One of them was that responsive design is one of the best options for websites, particularly from a search engine optimization perspective. Before I go on to give you some SEO tips for Responsive Websites, let’s take a closer look at what responsive design is all about. Responsive web design is basically approaching web design in such a manner that the website you create adapts automatically to whatever screen it is viewed on. Using responsive web design allows for a greater optimal viewing for the user. The user has less panning, scrolling and resizing to do. Using responsive design for your website means doing away with separate versions of your site as well as better readability on your site. Keep these SEO tips for responsive websites in mind when you are designing your website: Include all content: It is – Read the full article