18 Unconventional Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter

On June 6th, 2011, wrote:

There are tons of ways to get more followers on Twitter. Don’t believe us? Do a quick search on Google. Countless articles, blog posts, and presentations will show you how to do just that – and subsequently win support for your business and brand through the popular microblogging / social media service. But if you’re looking for unconventional ways to increase your Twitter follower count, it might not be worth your while to sift through so much online content, only to find the same tips and strategies. So we came up with this list, which we hope differentiates your Twitter social media marketing efforts from that of others – and will just as successfully prompt users to click that green Follow button. 1. Join tweetups. These face-to-face meetings between a local community of Twitter users can help you meet new contacts, find new partners and clients, establish your industry expertise, gain more followers, and say something without a 140-character limit. – Read the full article

This Week on the Web: Googles TeachParentsTech.org, Tumblr Raises $30M

On December 20th, 2010, wrote:

Google’s Tech Support Care Package – for Parents Will you be home for the holidays? Don’t worry. This season, you won’t have to play the role of personal tech support to your parents. Search giant Google recently unveiled an online “tech support care package” at TeachParentsTech.org, anticipating instances in which tech-savvy users are asked by their moms and dads to help out with a long list of basic – but nonetheless taxing – tech support issues. The site, built by Google to “help keep tech support a family business”, allows users to select any number of simple instructional tech support videos to send to their parents. The videos are organized according to categories, which include The Basics, World Wide Web, Communication, Media, and Finding Information. And while these video packages won’t cover all the questions and issues that computer beginners may have, they do provide instant help – without users having to spend hour after hour explaining to dad what – Read the full article

Who Should Use Tumblr and Why

On October 27th, 2010, wrote:

Twitter and Facebook: yes, sure, everyone’s heard of these social media giants. But there’s another name that’s slowly but steadily catching the attention of media companies, businesses, and celebrities – and one which you, as an Internet marketer, business owner, or startup, might want to check out for yourself. It’s called Tumblr. Tumblr has actually been around for awhile – it was launched nearly four years ago – but it’s only now that the potential of this easy blogging service is being recognized and realized by the world of social media users. In a nutshell, Tumblr is a platform for blogging, much like WordPress, Blogger, Movable Type, and Posterous, but what makes it different from these other platforms is its ability to “socialize” its service. Tumblr isn’t just for strictly “writerly” bloggers or Dear Diary writers; it’s for anyone who wants to share anything, from text passages, quotes, photos, links, music videos, etc. at the click of a button. In – Read the full article