Making Business Meetings Worth Your Time And Entertaining

On March 29th, 2013, wrote:

For those of us who have been to social gatherings, a meeting functions in almost the same way. There is however a huge difference, business meetings are usually held to further the cause of a company or corporation. This ultimately means that this is not the time for fun and idle chit-chat. If you are in charge of arranging business meetings, you know how easily they can bog down or drag out, without productive outcomes. To get the most from a scheduled meeting, utilize the following tips to demonstrate executive business intelligence organizational skills. 1. Use a standard agenda. Circulating the same agenda format before every meeting will help participants to locate specific topic items. Request agenda topics at least two days before the meeting so the agenda can be finalized for early distribution, giving participants a chance to prepare. Having a standard agenda will help members “keep their eye on the ball” and not lose focus on what needs – Read the full article